Interior Secretary Goes Overboard With Flag Ritual When He Enters Building


One the heels of a discussion over how much money he spending to travel by private plane, news just broke that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is now demanding special mandates.

Thursday the Washington Post revealed that Sec. Zinke has implemented a long unused military ritual, requiring the raising of the secretarial flag whenever he is in a building. When he is going to be in a building, a member of the security staff has to take an elevator to the top floor, climb to the roof, and raise the secretarial flag. When he leaves, a staffer has to remove the flag.

Zinke, who recently drew attention for his extravagant behavior by racking up bills for charter jets, has a long history of infuriating people with his showboating on people’s tax dollars. The over-masculated Interior Secretary is known to display animal heads in his office and even rode a horse to work on his first day. He even used to have a box of knives on display but they were removed, due to obvious safety concerns.

The Washington Post reports:

‘He has commissioned commemorative coins with his name on them to give to staff and visitors, but the cost to taxpayers in unclear.’

Where the special secretarial flag is concerned, Zinke’s spokesperson insists that it’s a perfect example of Zinke’s commitment to transparency, letting people know when he’s there.

Zinke’s press secretary, Heather Swift, said in a statement:

‘Ryan Zinke is proud and honored to lead the Department of the Interior, and is restoring honor and tradition to the department, whether it’s flying the flag when he is in garrison or restoring traditional access to public lands.’

It’s clear that the Interior Secretary thinks he’s on par with the Queen of England, as she is the only world leader who implements this bizarre practice.

You can watch as Zinke defends his travel spending issues in the clip from Fox News below:

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