Tens Of Thousands Of Puerto Ricans Abandon Ruined Homes, Flood Into Upper States


Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg took a virtual trip to Puerto Rico, not to help the victims of Hurricane Maria, but as a PR promotion for his virtual reality business. Donald Trump flew down to the destroyed island, tossed paper towels into a crowd and left an hour early. The only ones that will remain for certain are the hundreds of bodies in the Puerto Rico morgues.

Three long weeks after Maria left the island nation in shambles, 85 percent of the people do not have electricity. A full 40 percent have no running water, which is vital for life, and people are beginning to suffer from water-borne illness. Those who are sick from drinking polluted water could be easily treated – except no help has arrived either from FEMA or the Navy’s floating hospital.

As a result, tens of thousands of Americans fled Puerto Rico for the U.S. Lourdes Rodriguez, 59, abandoned her home in Vega Baja after Hurricane Maria. The storm left her house filled with mud and decaying belongings. Her plan was a brief visit to her daughter who lives in Florida. Three weeks later, her island home still does not have access to water or power.

The Associated Press (AP) wrote that she said:

‘We’re going to be here indefinitely. It’s been crazy, totally unexpected, like nothing I’ve experienced before.’

Efrain Diaz Figueroa lives in San Juan. The 70-year-old man sat amid the desolate ruins of his home. The house’s walls had buckled then fell into the yard. Hurricane Maria drenched all of his belonging including his clothing and mattresses. He was waiting for his sister to come take him to her home in Boston. The AP wrote that he said:

‘I’ll live better there.’

Those who have left the island tend to go to states with major populations of Puerto Ricans like Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, and New York. Many people have not decided whether they will go back home or try to start all over again. Betzaida Ferrer, 74, retired to Puerto Rico from Miami last July. Now, she is back and uncertain about her future. She told the AP:

‘I am in limbo right now. To be in a situation like this where you need help is horrible.’

Check out this video where former Staff Sergeant and Calvary Scout explains the reality of Puerto Rico.

Featured Image via AJ+’s Twitter Page.