Trump Shouts Over Sacred Military Song Meant To Honor Soldiers & Veterans (VIDEO)


Trump accused NFL players of disrespecting the military by taking a knee during the National Anthem, then he turned around a disrespected the military on TV.

The president has made it clear how he feels about players kneeling in protest against social injustice towards African Americans, even going so far as to say that they should be fired. Trump insists that by protesting they are directly disrespecting the flag, the country, and the military, despite the fact that the protest has nothing to do with those things and players have never been required to stand for the National Anthem.

Wednesday evening, during an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, a major Trump supporter and possibly the former reality TV star’s biggest fan, the president talked over “Retreat” being played by bugle. The song is a military tradition meant to honor soldiers and veterans.

Hannity and Trump spoke at the Air National Guard located in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Half way through the interview “Retreat” began to play. Instead of pausing, as many in attendance already had, to salute the flag, the president continued to not only sit but speak throughout the tune.

The president, who acts like he doesn’t even know real American customs, or perhaps just thinks he’s above them, turned and said:

‘What a nice sound that is. Are they playing that for you or for me?’

He then smiled, looked toward the crowd, and insisted:

‘They’re playing that in honor of his ratings. He’s beating everybody!’

Of course Trump was referring to Hannity.

When “Retreat” plays civilians are to place their hands on their hearts while soldiers stop and solute, it’s a military tradition that dates back to before the American Revolutionary War. So, Trump’s actions, and lack thereof, speak volumes about the respect he has for the United States military. This also tells anyone with two brain cells that Trump’s disdain for protesting NFL athletes has nothing to do with him feeling the military or flag are being disrespected.

Meanwhile, the president has yet to walk back his “very fine people” assessment when speaking about racist white men who ultimately injured and killed counter protestors.

Video via Task and Purpose

Featured Image via Screen Capture from the video

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