Twitter Suspends Actor Rose McGowan After Ben Affleck/Sexual Assault Tweet


A number of women have outed Harvey Weinstein as a predatory sexual offender. He had a pattern of coercing, manipulating, and forcing young actresses looking for jobs into sexual acts. Some escaped his clutches, but many did not. As a result, he was fired from his own company. Since then, women have come forward with the names of other famous sexual predators.

American actor Rose McGowan, 44, has had a career in both movies and television. She recently appeared in the television series Chosen, Nip/Tuck, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She also appeared in movies such as Fifty Dead Men Walking, the Conan The Barbarian remake, and Lower Bay with Christopher Lloyd.

The actor posted an Instagram after midnight Thursday morning saying that Twitter suspended her for accusing actor Ben Affleck of keeping quiet about knowing Weinstein had sexually abused her.

According to the New York Times, McGowan wrote


McGowan sent out a snapshot of Twitter’s message to her. It indicated she was limited to sending only direct messages until she deleted the tweet. Twitter said that it violated the company’s rules, and the New York Times wrote:

‘A temporary freeze kept her from tweeting, retweeting, or liking for 12 hours. Unlike a full suspension, this measure leaves her account visible.’

The actress copied Twitter’s response to her and added her message:

‘What happened?’

She made headlines before when she was told to wear “a form fitting (sic) tank that shows off cleavage” in an Adam Sandler movie in 2015, according to The Guardian. The wardrobe message said:

‘Please make sure to read the attached script before coming in so you understand the context of the scenes. – Wardrobe Note: Black (or dark) form fitting tank that shows off cleavage (push up [sic] bras encouraged). And form fitting leggings or jeans. Nothing white.’

After she spoke out about the sexism, her agency soon dropped her. McGowan believed the reason was simply retaliation. The Guardian continued:

‘I just got fired by my wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the bullshit in Hollywood. Hahaha.’

Check out this video of McGowan of calling out Ben Affleck’s behavior:

Featured Image via Vulture’s Twitter Page.

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