Susan Collins Gives Terrifying Response To Trump’s Obamacare Executive Order


Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) has become something of a hero over the last few months after she repeatedly voted against Republican health care bills that posed serious threats to the well-being of the American people.

On Friday, Collins continued her pattern of speaking out against dangerous health care legislation by criticizing President Trump’s recent decision to withdraw a subsidy to insurance companies that was meant to help make coverage more affordable under ObamaCare.

At a Chamber of Commerce event in Maine, Collins said about Trump’s latest move to undermine ObamaCare:

‘I will say that I am very concerned about the president’s executive order that was issued yesterday and his decision to do away with an important subsidy that helps very low income people.’

Collins went on to chastise Senate Republicans for repeating “the same mistakes” that Democrats made when they passed ObamaCare. She added:

‘The Senate Republican health-care bills were drafted behind closed doors. By the way, it was a group of 13 men who did it. It completely bypassed the standard legislative process.’

Collins also didn’t hesitate to point out the weaknesses of the recently defeated health care bill from Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana). She said that this bill was “very bad” for her home state, and then noted:

‘If senators can adjust a funding formula over a weekend to help a single state they could just as easily adjust that formula in the future to hurt that state.’

During her remarks on Friday, Collins also announced her plan to run for re-election in the Senate rather than launching a campaign to become the first female governor in her home state.

‘I am a congenital optimist. I continue to believe that Congress can, and will, be more productive.

‘I want to continue to play a key role in advancing policies that strengthen our nation, help our hard working families, improve our healthcare system, and bring peace and stability to a troubled and violent world. And I have concluded that the best way that I can contribute to these priorities is to remain a member of the United States Senate.’

Watch a clip from Collins’ remarks in the video below, available via YouTube.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.