Trump Speaks Before Anti-LGBT Hate Group – What He Said Has Americans Furious


During the 2016 campaign, President Donald Trump promised the LGBTQ community he would do so much more for them than Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It was mindboggling to think a Republican candidate, who had already displayed divisive xenophobia and racism, could do more for the LGBTQ community. Regardless, Americans elected him president (or at least the Electoral College did).

So, the man who promised he’d do more for the LGBTQ community appeared at the Values Voter Summit (VVS) and spoke. Here’s the issue with that. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the VVS was launched by four of the largest anti-LGBTQ agenda groups. They include the Family Research Council, Focus on the Family Action, Americans United to Preserve Marriage, and American Family Association Action. Needless to say, VVS is NOT friendly to the LGBTQ community and never will be. The SPL described the VVS:

‘VVS has traditionally provided an ongoing platform not only for strident anti-LGBT and anti-choice views but also anti-immigrant — and in particular — anti-Muslim views, a nod to the growing cross-pollination between the anti-LGBT Christian Right and the anti-Muslim lobby.’

Groups like this will always exist, unfortunately. However, the best way to combat them is not to give them the attention they try to achieve. With President Trump speaking at the gathering, however, you’re basically adding fuel to the fire. No president, even Republicans, have ever spoken at the Values Voter Summit. Trump was the first.

His speech started out with the crowd chanting “U.S.A.” which is frightening when you think about the danger of groupthink. He also thanks several leaders, seriously homophobic people, who have lead the fight against the LGBTQ community. He went on to speak about the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada that killed over 50 and injured hundreds. He then said something beyond ironic.

‘Americans… to fight evil and hatred with courage and love…’

Did your brain blow up? He is speaking to a group of people that would love nothing more than to see gay men and women, transgendered individuals, etc… stripped of all their rights and protections. Heck, some would be okay if they were pulled in front of a firing squad and killed. He then went on to say the nation heals together.

He then vomited from his brain this doozy:

‘We cherish the sacred dignity of every human life.’

Unless they’re gay, of course. Or transgendered. Or Muslim. Or anything different really.

He also added the U.S.A. protects religious liberty, especially when someone wants to refuse service to a gay couple.

He then mentioned the military. He said:

‘We celebrate our heroes, and we salute every American who wears the uniform.’

So, that’s why you want to kick transgender individuals out of the military? What about their celebration? They’ve fought for this country.

The crowd ate up every word he gave them – all of which lasted about 20 minutes. You can watch his nauseating speech given to a crowd of hateful orange idol worshipers below.

Featured image screen capture from Facebook.