Trump Wakes Up At 2AM For Unhinged 5-Tweet Rant About Everything He Hates


Donald Trump, apparently, has a lot of trouble sleeping. With reports surfacing that the White House is rocked by Trump’s temper tantrums and raging anger, Trump takes to Twitter to rant and lie and point fingers like a child who’s had his toys taken away. Friday morning was no exception.

Trump is retweeting Bill O’Reilly, the very face of corrupt news (and so much for that Harvey Weinstein outrage from the Trumps), to lecture the Left on the constitution and what it says about the media. However, Bill O’Reilly’s home network is the epitome of “corrupt media” with its political opinion spin, its endlessly debunked lies, and the sexual harassment and assault of dozens of their female hosts and contributors.

Is there any worse of an example, not to mention any worse of a time to even mention the guy, than Bill O’Reilly? He can keep his lectures.

Twitter checked the president hard after his ridiculous little rant.

Featured image via Getty/Alex Wong

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