Trump Abruptly Makes Schedule Change & Goes On Unplanned Vacation; Details Are Awful


Donald Trump heavily criticized President Barack Obama during the latter’s term in office, including repeatedly taking shots at Obama’s golfing habits, which Trump allegedly saw as excessive. On numerous occasions, he tweeted or stated directly that President Obama’s golfing habit went beyond mere relaxation time, indicating that golfing at that level is inappropriate at best, and outright malicious at worst.

“If I’m in the White House,” Trump said on the campaign trail, “I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf.”

Of relevance: Donald Trump will be at his Virginia golf club today, golfing with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for the second time in a single week.

Trump has played golf nearly 30 confirmed times while in office, far outstripping President Obama’s 22. That number is made more difficult to quantify by the Trump administration’s attempts to hide his golfing habit; estimates go as high as 56 days actually spent golfing. Most observers think that his actual golf count is far higher – days when no golfing can be directly observed usually result in a “visit” tally, rather than confirmed golfing. It’s generally assumed, however, that he golfs whenever the weather permits, leading many to assume his golfing rate is far higher than the confirmed 40 percent rate.

It is also known with certainty that he has spent 67 days at golf properties, and potentially 71 days, which raises the possibility that he’s actually golfed three times more than President Obama — despite criticizing President Obama dozens of times for his own time spent golfing.

Not only that, but Donald Trump’s own golfing habit is far more sinister than Barack Obama’s, even when accounting for hypocritical criticism and wasted taxpayer dollars. That’s because when Trump golfs, he usually does so at his own properties, which he’s refused to divest from. And when the president goes somewhere, his entire entourage goes as well – and they all have to purchase carts and rent equipment as well. That’s one way that Trump takes taxpayer dollars and stuffs them into his own greedy pocket.

It remains to be seen whether Lindsey Graham will make up scores for “Dear Leader” Trump this time the way he did earlier in the week. According to Golf, Graham reports Trump’s score on Monday to be a 73. If you’re not a golfer, let me help you out: No, he didn’t. There’s no way Trump shot a 73. Here’s more:

‘Still, the senator’s claimed score for Trump is patently unbelievable to many golfers. A score of 84 would seem plausible. Trump is a good golfer. But a 73, from a 71-year-old who plays often for a president but infrequently for a low-handicap golfer? Unlikely, to say the least. As a rough comparison, the Hall of Fame golfer Hale Irwin, who turned 72 in June, has a scoring average of just over 73 in the seven Champions tour events he has played this year, with an average drive of just under 250 yards. Graham said Trump’s average drive was around 250 yards.’

Mr. Bone Spurs is a better golfer than pros his age? Sure, seems plausible. About as plausible as the rest of Trump’s ego-boosting lies. You have to wonder what he promised Lindsey Graham. If Trump was half the golfer he claimed to be, the few pictures that leak out when he goes golfing wouldn’t all show him in the rough.

In any case, Trump’s golfing has costed, at this point, tens of millions of dollars. If he continues visiting visiting golf clubs at this rate, he will have gone to clubs more in his first two years in office than President Obama did during his entire presidency.

Featured image via Ian MacNicol/Getty Images