Teacher Flies Into Racist Classroom Tirade Caught On Camera (VIDEO)


Following the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, individuals harboring hate towards an array of minorities, including Muslims, LGBT people, and those with a Spanish background, have all felt more free than before to peddle their hatred.

In the latest indication that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to truly uphold the rights of minorities in the United States, a New Jersey teacher was caught on tape telling students to “speak American,” since — according to her — soldiers “are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish.”

The 25 second clip, captured on Snapchat, that displays the teacher’s racist behavior has many people in an uproar, and understandably so. As local media outlet PIX11 reports, the local community has “a large number of Spanish-speaking students,” and in the video, one student can be seen walking out of the classroom in disgust after the teacher’s comments. Others not in the video apparently did the same.

One student can he heard calling out the teacher for being racist, but she didn’t relent in her line of reasoning, instead simply saying, in reference to those leaving the classroom, “Goodbye.”

According to a student who was in the class at the time of the incident, the teacher’s comments were prompted by students “whispering in Spanish.”

A senior at the school named Carmen Benitez explained that the teacher’s comments were especially out of place in her apparently generally inclusive school.

She told PIX11:

‘This school is not a negative school. You know there are a lot of different cultures in our school. There’s a lot of teachers who respect us.’

The teacher in the video — whose identity has managed to remain, by all appearances, publicly concealed — was apparently substituting in the math class, and normally teaches English at the school.

Some are — unsurprisingly — calling for the teacher’s resignation, but PIX11 didn’t immediately hear back from the Cliffside Park School Superintendent. Students said the principal called a schoolwide assembly on Friday to discuss the incident.

Some students speaking to PIX11 say that the teacher at the center of the controversy has a history of making disparaging comments towards minority students. It’s worth explicitly noting that there’s no language called “American” — it’s called English.

Watch a video report on the incident, including interviews with students, below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.