New Gallup Approval Poll Results Are In – Trump’s Ratings Have Him On Rant Watch


When President Trump took office back in January, he already faced an uphill battle with his approval rating. He was not a favorable president, and very few looked forward to his inauguration. With his consistent belligerence and the ridiculous stunts he pulls, that uphill battle he started out with is one he is continuously losing.

In a new Gallup poll, it was found that 59 percent of those polled disapprove of the job Trump is doing and only 36 percent approve. That’s not all that surprising. What is surprising, however, is when you break the numbers down and you see just how dismal the numbers are within his own party. CNBC’s John Harwood tweeted the demographic background of the approval numbers by political party.

‘new Gallup on Trump job performance, by party: Ds 7% approve 91% disapprove; Inds 26% approve, 61% disapprove; Rs 73% approve 23% disapprove’

In only 10 months Trump has managed to dissatisfy over 20 percent of his own party’s base. Yes, a majority still approve of Trump; however, if you go back and compare him to recent Republican presidents you will see a major difference.

For instance, on day 274 in office, former President George W. Bush’s approval rating was 98 percent among Republicans.

Screenshot via Gallup’s Presidential Job Approval Center.

That is a 19 point difference between the two at around the same point in their presidencies. That is HUGE.

Going further back down the timeline of Republican presidents, former President George H.W. Bush enjoyed an 87 percent approval rating on day 261 in office. At day 268, again, Trump is sitting at 79 percent.

Trump should never try to compare himself to Republican Jesus Ronald Reagan. The beloved former president had a higher approval rating by 8 points.

What’s truly fascinating and frightening is how close Trump’s approval ratings are at this point in his presidency to former President Richard Nixon’s approval numbers. At about the same points in their presidency, Richard Nixon had a higher approval rating with Republicans by 2 points. Nixon’s approval rating was HIGHER than Trump’s is right now. We all know what happened with Watergate and how crooked Nixon was.

Throughout Nixon’s tenure as president, he’d later enjoy a 90 percent approval rating at the end of January in 1970. However, his approval rating would continue to drop as investigations into Watergate opened up and revealed the underhanded nature of Nixon. Additionally, Nixon’s approval rating dropped to 76 percent with Republicans after the Senate hearings over the Watergate scandal had begun. Trump is SERIOUSLY at the same level Nixon was during Watergate.

So, what do the numbers reveal? They reveal Republicans aren’t happy. The Republican base should still be in a honeymoon phase with their orange commander-in-chief. However, due to his own ineptitude, Congress’ inability to get major legislation passed despite having a majority in both the House and the Senate, and the constant revelations of scandal inside the White House. The fact that Trump is at Nixon-level numbers within his own party is not a good sign for the president. It should serve as a major wake up call to Republican officials who want to keep Trump in office and keep a Republican majority in Congress.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.