Rapper Macklemore’s Sold-Out Concert Crowd Turns Into Trump Hate-Fest In Minutes


Congress has been frozen in its ability to do something about Donald Trump. The president continues sawing away at the base of President Barack Obama’s historical achievements such as health care, toppling them one after another. That means, the people must stop the president’s corrosive actions, and they have been finding very unique ways to protest.

Rapper Eminem put out a brilliant video. Then, this weekend, a guy named Ben Haggerty, better known as the musician Macklemore Graham Denholm and winner of four Grammys, took the stage in Arizona, appearing before a sold-out audience of thousands of people. He gave a moving speech before he began playing, and one member of the crowd, Vanessa Richards told Fox News that it was about “kindness and acceptance:

 ‘(He) gave a great and moving speech about inclusiveness and kindness and acceptance…then gave another speech about immigration and acceptance. (He was  telling all of us) everyone should be welcome here no matter which side of the “line” you stood on.’

The musician spoke to his audience about immigration and “the American Dream,” according to Fox News:

‘We should be welcoming and encouraging everyone to live the American Dream.’

Next, he played “Same Love.” Yet, the crowd went wild when he played his 2016 song entitled  “F**k Donald Trump Part 2. One of the lyrics included “Sounds like Hitler:”

‘How’d he make it this far? How the f–k did it begin? A Trump rally sounds like Hitler and Berlin.’

The “Thrift Shop” rapper has been a strong critic of Donald Trump and his policies. Macklemore urged the crowd to chant along with him “F–k Donald Trump,” and Richards said that everyone, regardless of party, yelled it out. She said it was:

‘One of the louder parts of the show, regardless of if people agreed or not. You didn’t hear any boos or anything.’

Instead of booing, members of the audience held up their middle finger as the musician played. Macklemoore’s hit reached 50 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list last year.

When Macklemore rose to fame, he had difficulty dealing with it. As a result, he became addicted to drugs. Then in 2008, his father asked him to enter a rehab program. The rapper did and beat his addiction.

Check out this video of the rapper’s song about Trump via YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images/Michael Loccisano.