Trump’s Response To Deadly California Wildfires Has Americans Ready To Impeach


Although Trump spends what feels like every weekend golfing or carrying on with some sort of other vacation activities, America is continuing to face an array of crises, including the still raging wildfires in northern California.

Talking Points Memo reports that at a Monday Cabinet meeting, Trump spoke about the federal government’s response to these fires, something he hasn’t done much at all. He’s preferred to spend his time golfing, as mentioned, and picking fights with the NFL, among other things.

Although his comments are moderately respectable, their context makes them not worth much of anything at all.

Trump takes a very hands-off approach to the human issues that he is supposed to be dealing with as president. Instead of factoring the human impact of his health care policy decisions into his decision making, he prefers to just push ahead with an effort to save money for corporations and upper class individuals.

Instead of actually engaging with the response to Puerto Rico having sustained a direct hit from the massive Hurricane Maria, he has chosen to pick fights with the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz. Instead of hearing out the concerns of those whose lives have been drastically altered and threatened by Maria, Trump has simply called those concerned for Puerto Rico’s well-being “politically motivated ingrates.”

In the case of the northern California wildfires, which have been confirmed to have claimed the lives of around 40 people and have left hundreds missing, the president spoke as though there really isn’t anything one can do in this situation.

In an attempt to seem like he cared about the catastrophe, Trump commented:

‘It’s very sad to watch how fast, how rapidly they move and how people are caught in their houses. I mean, it’s an incredible thing. Caught in their houses. We mourn the terrible loss of life. We have FEMA and first responders there. We have our military helping. But we’re a little subject to winds and what happens with nature. But it’s been a very sad thing to watch.’

Yes, Trump, with natural disasters, nature generally has a say in what’s going on.

It’s a good thing someone could let him in on the secret. It’s not like the times that Trump has bungled responses to disasters end with those already mentioned.

In a briefing on the effects of Hurricane Harvey, which slammed into Texas some weeks ago, Trump is said to have compared water damage wrought by the storm to water damage in his business’s buildings in New York City.

In the already mentioned case of Puerto Rico, Trump, while visiting the island after the storm hit, dismissed the significance of the storm, comparing it to a “real disaster” like Hurricane Katrina.

In short, Trump should get no accolades for completing the basic necessities of his position and providing for recovery efforts in California, even though that’s the point at which we have found ourselves these days. He has shown himself over and over again to be concerned more with his own interest than that of those who don’t fit into his mold.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images