Army Officer Schools Trump For Saying Fallen Soldier ‘Knew What He Signed Up For’


President Trump has been heavily criticized for his silence after four soldiers were slain at the border of Niger and Mali “in the deadliest combat incident” since he took office. That’s not all Trump did. After waiting two weeks to speak at all, he finally made a call — but not the call you would expect a president to make.

On Tuesday, he called the widow of U.S. Army Sergeant La David Johnson not to express his condolences or offer gratitude for the soldier’s service to the country, but to say:

‘He must have known what he signed up for.’

This fired up infantry officer Brian Freeman when he read those words. Freeman did two tours of combat and instantly struck back at Trump with 16 tweets that instantly went viral. Freeman said:

There was no shortage of responses to Friedman’s comments on Trump’s callous and ignorant words. Many people applauded his sharing from personal experience about how the military works.

Featured image by Chris Klepoinis-Pool/Getty Images

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