Gold Star Families Team Up Against Trump’s Disrespectful Lies About Fallen Heroes


Donald Trump is missing the empathy gene, which is unfortunate — for all those who come into contact with him. Maybe, that originated when as a little child, his father egged him on to fight. Trump’s dad thought it was cute until it was not. Now, the families of fallen soldiers suffer from the president’s two major flaws.

Trump boasted to reporters this week that during his shift, he had called all the families of soldiers who died serving their country. The Washington Examiner reported:

‘I think I’ve called every family of someone who’s died, virtually everybody.’

So far, 43 service members died during the Trump administration. The Associated Press (AP) contacted the families of each of these people to see if the president’s boast was true.

The AP found that the man in the Oval Office contacted about 50 percent of these families. Their responses varied from being more upset after he called to comforted by the contact. Not all of them would comment on the matter, but 18 of the families did respond. Of that number, Trump communicated with half of them by phone or mail. The other nine families did not hear from the president at all.

The oddest interaction was between Trump and Chris Baldridge, who lives in Zebulon, North Carolina. His son, Sergeant Dillon Baldridge, was in the Army, and he was killed in Afghanistan. The elder Baldridge told the president that he thought he would not receive any of his son’s benefits because they would go to his wife. That was when 45 promised to send him a check for $25,000 from his personal funds.

The check never arrived. The White House commented that it had sent the check Wednesday, the very day that the story hit the newsstands.

Cowanda Jones-Johnson raised her nephew, Sgt. La David Johnson, who was one of four members of the service who died in Niger early in October. The leader of the free world’s phone call came as the family and their Congresswoman rode in the limo to watch Johnson’s casket arrive home.

Jones-Johnsons verified Wednesday that Trump’s call only made the young widow, who has a two-year-old and a six-year-old and is six months with child, more upset. The widow said that the president did not even know her husband’s name.

A suicide bomber killed Army Sergeant Jonathon M. Hunter, 23, in Afghanistan in August. Although the White House notified his family that Trump would call, it never happened. Sadly, Hunter died just a month into his first deployment.

His father, Mark Hunter, told the AP Vice President Pence spoke to them when the soldier’s body returned to Dover Air Force Base, but he was “disappointed:”

‘Disappointed that he at least didn’t call and thank me for my son and our ultimate sacrifice. That’s all I wanted to hear. He didn’t have to say nothing else. That’s all I wanted to hear. From him — not the vice president.’

Check out this video below about Trump denying he offended a slain soldier’s widow via YouTube:

Featured images via YouTube video screengrab.