Trump Invites Governor Of Puerto Rico To W.H. & Humiliates The Entire Nation (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is a real piece of work. He actually believed he could sit in the White House before reporters and convince every thinking person that some long-known news issue was the story of the day. Yet, there he sat straight-faced, and of course, you knew this was coming…it got much worse.

Thursday morning, the president sat next to the governor of U.S. territory Puerto Rico, where three and a half million Americans suffered tremendous losses. Never before had a category four and category five hurricane struck the U.S. back-to-back. The result looked like someone had bombed the whole island.

It took some kind of nerve to sit in a camera shot with Governor Ricardo Rossello and tell the world that the “story of the decade” was about Russia accumulating 20 percent of this nation’s uranium. After all, according to CNN, three million people, over 85 percent of Puerto Rico’s population, still have no electricity, and one million or nearly 30 percent have no running water after a full month. Then, Trump gave himself a 10 rating for his inaction after the storms.

The leader of the free world complained to his audience of reporters that the “fake media doesn’t want to follow” an old news story about Russia buying up 20 percent of US’s uranium during President Barack Obama time in office, POLITICO reported he said:

‘Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!’

This is not the first time that Trump has hit upon this story. During his 2016 campaign rallies, he often talked about the subject to detract from his opponent, Hillary Clinton. He tried to paint a corrupt picture of her by saying that donations to the family nonprofit, the Clinton Global Initiative proved she agreed to the sale to appeal to the nonprofit’s donors.

The story involved a 2010 purchase of a huge percentage of this country’s uranium supply by the Russian government, which NBC covered in-depth years ago. The Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee opened a new investigation into the purchase just this week. The probe started after news surfaced that the FBI discovered the Russian government’s nuclear people had taken part in other nefarious activities, which included extortion, bribery, and kickbacks.

Uranium was discovered in 1789 by a German chemist, according to The World Nuclear Association. It is a very heavy metal, and it has been used as a source of energy for 60 years. It is common in the crust of the earth and even in the oceans.

Once it is mined, the process calls for it to be crushed then ground up. Then, millers treat it with acid to dissolve the uranium, which is separated from solution.  The results of these processes is ISL.

ISL must undergo a number of additional processes before it can can be utilized within a reactor.

Check out this video of Donald Trump meeting with Puerto Rico’s Governor Rossello via BuzzFeed News:

Featured Image via onQ Twitter Page.