General James Mattis Just Responded To McCain’s Niger Attack Subpoena Threat


Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) has been in the news a lot this week, and not just for criticizing President Trump during his Liberty Medal acceptance speech. McCain has also received a lot of attention for saying that the Trump administration must be more forthcoming with information about the attack in Niger that left four U.S. Green Berets dead.

McCain also warned on Thursday that he would subpoena the Trump administration if he didn’t soon get the information he needed about the ISIS-affiliated attack. He told CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux:

‘It may require a subpoena, but I did have a good conversation with Gen. McMaster, and they said that they would be briefing us. We have a long friendship, and we’ll hopefully get all the details.’

McCain also criticized members of the administration for not being more efficient when it comes to sharing information.

‘Actually, it was easier under Obama. I’m very close to these people…We’re just not getting the information in a timely fashion that we need.’

One day after these remarks, Defense Secretary James Mattis met with McCain on Capitol Hill.

Afterward, Mattis and McCain both spoke briefly to reporters. They didn’t share details about what was discussed during the meeting, but they did emphasize a shared goal of being better at communicating with each other moving forward.

Mattis told the press:

‘We can do better at communication. We can always improve on communication, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.’

McCain added:

‘The relationship that the secretary and I have goes back 20 years. It’s one of respect, it’s one of appreciation and it’s one of honoring his service.

‘So we continue to try to improve our lines of communication, and our regular meetings will be very helpful in that area.

‘I felt that we were not getting sufficient amount of information, and we are clearing that up now.’

Prior to the meeting, a reporter asked Mattis if McCain’s threat of a subpoena is what prompted him to show up. He responded by asking:

‘Are you kidding me?’

Mattis also said that the president is “kept fully informed” on information related to the Niger ambush, but he declined to provide details about how often he is briefed.

After meeting with McCain, Mattis attended another meeting with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina). Graham has also been critical of the lack of information the military has shared with Congress regarding the attack.

Footage of McCain and Mattis speaking to reporters after their meeting can be seen below, via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.