Trump Endorses Gay-Hating Christian Pastor On Twitter & Immediately Regrets It


Donald Trump recently sent out a tweet praising a new book entitled, A Place Called Heaven. The book was written by Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, which is one of the oldest megachurches in the country. That the president of the United States is endorsing such a religious work by a leader of one of the country’s largest congregations might raise some questions regarding whether Trump violated the spirit, if not the letter of the First Amendment, but that’s a matter for legal experts. We’re more interested in Jeffress’ views on the LGBT community, which are — to say the least — outdated and bigoted.

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In a sermon posted on his website entitled, Why Gay is Not Okay, Jeffress warns that being gay means you’ll be condemned to an eternity in hellfire. Of course, such fire and brimstone rhetoric is hardly uncommon for such pastors, but Jeffress believes some truly absurd things regarding gay people. For instance, he once warned, through a botched metaphor about power outlets, that gay sex might make you explode. The following is a quote from the Dallas Observer‘s interview with Jeffress in 2013.

‘”Think about this one time in heaven God was sitting up there with his sketch pad and he said, ‘You know, I’m going to design human beings and would it be fun of they started doing this together with one another.'” Jeffress illustrates this by excitedly jabbing his fingers at one another in a way that makes you feel truly sorry for the missus. “God dreamed up sex, He thought it up for our enjoyment, He gave us the equipment to enjoy it with.”

He goes on to offer us the parable of the TV delivery man who very specifically tells the purchaser to only plug it into a 120-volt outlet. But the buyer, “because those are antiquated instructions” and “it’s my TV and I can do whatever I want to with it,” ignores the advice and rams it into the 220-volt outlet.

“Well it is my TV to do what I want to with it but I’m going to blow that TV into smithereens if I put it in a 220 outlet,” Jeffress said’

It honestly makes our head hurt trying to figure this out so we’ll leave Jeffress to his terrible X-Men fanfic and go back to Trump. During the campaign, Trump claimed to be an ally of the LGBT community and famously held up a flag that read “LGBTs for Trump.” The fact that people actually believed Trump would support LGBT rights is mind boggling and this tweet is a prime example of why.

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