Ivanka Trump Floored; ‘Newsweek’ Drops Weekend Personal Finance Deception Scandal


It’s become a fact of life at this point that there’s a new scandal what seems like every week in the Trump Administration. None of those in the president’s inner circle — including the president — have any idea what they are doing.

Continuing on with the tradition of the Trumps acting as though the law does not apply to them, Ivanka Trump is now reported to have left her past position as president of the family foundation currently under investigation by New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for fraud off her federal financial disclosure forms.

The issue with the Trump Foundation is twofold. On the one hand, the foundation continually worked to bring in funds from outside sources, even though it was branded with the Trump name — and it was not registered with the state as a fundraising entity.

Secondly, the foundation engaged in extensive self-dealing. Throughout the 2016 election season, journalists’ investigations found that foundation funds had been used for a number of non-charitable purposes, including, among other things, as the source for an under the table “donation” to Florida’s Republican state Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Bondi was, at the time of the donation, deliberating joining an investigation into Trump’s fraudulent educational program known as Trump University; surprise surprise, after the donation went out, Bondi dropped the case.

This issue isn’t the first involving the president or one of his close family members leaving something off their paperwork. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, for instance, has updated his SF-86 form, which catalogs his meetings with foreign interests, multiple times. It’s in one of these updates that the now infamous 2016 meeting between members of the president’s team and a Kremlin-connected lawyer came to light.

Ivanka herself has reportedly updated her personal financial disclosures multiple times, and yet she has still, according to reports, never included the information about her time as head of her family’s corrupt foundation.

Sure, we know about this item from Ivanka’s past, but what if she’s hiding something else? Alternatively, is she that incompetent that she can’t even fill out paper work properly?

As American Bridge’s Harrell Kirstein noted:

‘The reason senior White House officials disclose their financial interests is so the American people can be sure they are not attempting to personally profit from their public position. Ivanka Trump and her father think they’re above the law. They’re not. At every turn, they have been caught lying and attempting to sell out the public for their own personal gain.’

As Kirstein accurately notes, the president himself has shadily tried to cover up his personal financial interests in important political situations. Although precedent and the law demand that the president completely detach themselves from their personal businesses upon taking office, Trump declined to do so. Instead, he simply transferred executive control of the Trump Organization to his two adult sons.

He hasn’t even allowed anyone to see the full extent of his personal financial interests, declining to release his tax returns even though there is no apparent reason for him not to do so outside of him trying to hide something.

The White House declined to comment on the issue of Ivanka’s personal financial disclosures when pressed by Newsweek.

Featured Image via Win McNamee / Getty Images