White House Goes Silent After $430k Weekend Russia/Trump Money Funnel Exposed


One of the big draws to President Donald Trump was his promise to spend his own personal fortune to run for president. He could not be bought (supposedly). CNN’s Dana Bash questioned Trump as the 2016 election campaign drew to a close, and he swore he would be ready to put in over $100 million if he had to. That’s what he promised his supporters. However, now that he’s president, don’t hold him to it.

According to Axios, Trump has NOT been paying the legal fees he’s racked up from all the investigations into his campaign, his son Don Jr., and his campaign staff. Actually, the Republican National Committee has already paid out around $430,000 to the lawyers that are having to defend everyone caught up in the maelstrom. Don’t worry, though. Trump has promised he will contribute his own money to alleviate the burden.

‘President Trump has promised to spend at least $430,000 of his own money to defray legal costs incurred by campaign associates and White House staff due to the Russia investigations, a White House official tells Axios.’

Beyond that though, there has been no announcement or details on how the money will be spent or who it will be spent on. Furthermore, $430,000 isn’t that much money when you look at the seriousness of the various investigations. How about future legal bills? As the investigation deepens, we’re sure that more people will become involved. Most importantly though, Axios’ writer Jonathan Swan asked one question that deserves the most attention. Why hasn’t Trump offered to REIMBURSE the RNC for the funds they have had to pay out?

Those questions remain unanswered although it has come to light that no money from the RNC or from Trump will be used on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s legal fees at Flynn’s choosing.

It’s good that Trump is taking SOME sort of ownership in the issues the entirety of his staff and campaign staffers are facing by pledging some of his money to the legal fees. However, it’s pretty telling that by NOT reimbursing the RNC, Trump takes little ownership in what has come to play. Basically, it isn’t his goat rodeo when in all reality he’s the central star of the show. Additionally, the fact he is offering up some of his money has to mean something. Does it mean he’s scared? He ought to be. If Trump was not scared, we highly doubt he would come off of a penny of his money.

Finally, Trump has made several promises of giving his own money to various causes. Many have said, however, those promises were never kept. So, will Trump actually keep this promise?

Several individuals are commenting on Twitter on just those exact subjects. You can check out the tweets below.

Featured image by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images.