The New Yorker’s Terrifying Halloween Cover Takes Serious Jab At Trump (IMAGE)


At first, people considered Donald Trump something of a buffoon, a reality TV star, crude, and rude, but that was an act, right? After the election, the man who emerged was what-you-see-is-what-you-got, an unfortunate and disturbing joke on the country. In the past few weeks, the nation has begun to realize what a truly dangerous and frightening man he is.

One of the last cover issues of The New Yorker that featured Trump, reflected the what-you-see stage. He was in a skiff on troubled waters, blowing on a sail that looked like the hood of a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) robe. That cover appeared right after the Charlottesville white supremacists’ rally, when the president could not find it within himself to condemn neo-Nazis. That image was chilling, but it did not reach everyone with the same intensity.

The magazine’s October cover ranks high on the universal fright meter. The artist who is responsible for the latest cover, Carter Goodrich, says his work is meant to depict the president as a “dangerous clown.”

He created a dark and scary woods, the kind people have associated with gruesome creatures that will eat them up throughout centuries. The particular creature he chose to show the public was a clown with very sharp teeth and an evil grin, complete with tiny hands and the infamous Trump comb over.

CVN_TNY_10_30_17RGB The New Yorker's Terrifying Halloween Cover Takes Serious Jab At Trump (IMAGE) Donald Trump Politics Top Stories
The New Yorker, October 30, 2017 Issue.

The cover’s artist, told the magazine that his “whole life has been disrupted” by the Trump presidency. Goodrich called it a “national nightmare” in the New Yorker:

‘My whole life has been disrupted. It’s a national nightmare. I’m still just as stunned now as I was a year ago, on Election Night. I have been asked to work on movies about him. I can’t do it; most satire seems to lighten what feels to me like a dire situation. He’s already a cartoon villain, infantile and strange.’

Although the Trump clown might resemble Stephen King’s evil clown known as “Pennywise” aka “It,” that was not the artist’s intention. Clowns must have a universal fright appeal, too, because there is a list of the 40 scariest clown horror movies ever on the site Movie Pilot.

The clown edition of The New Yorker will hit the newsstands, appropriately, the day before Halloween. It is certain to scare adults and children alike.

Check out this trailer of the 2017 movie “Clown, Horror Movie” via YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images/John W. Adkisson.