Trump Wants To Change The Name Of U.S.’s Tallest Mountain; The Reason Is Staggering


President Trump, being the entitled narcissist that he is, must have everything the way he wants it, when he wants it, because he wants it. His entire presidency so far has been about trying to get his way on every issue under the sun. He wanted to ban transgender people from serving in the military, wanted a travel ban which basically amounted to a Muslim ban, and wants to tweet all night like a teenager who has nothing better to do.

Trump is an insecure man-child with a bruised ego, who continually makes desperate attempts to satisfy his need to make himself “great again.” Now, one of his latest over-the-top ideas is that the name of Mount Denali, the tallest mountain on the continent, should be renamed, more than likely just because he has to undo anything former president Obama did.

Trump met with Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to discuss issues affecting Alaska, which included the economy, the military, and arctic drilling. While in the oval office, the senators brought up some Obama-era decisions that they say affected the state.

Trump then asked:

‘Can we change that and help Alaska?’

Next, Trump, probably sounding like a dictator asked:

‘Wasn’t the name of a big mountain in Alaska changed by executive order?’

In 2015, Obama changed the name of Mount McKinley to Mount Denali, which was originally the Native Alaskan name for the mountain. The former president made a statement saying:

‘This designation recognizes the sacred status of Denali to generations of Alaska Natives.’

Trump went on to suggest changing the name back to McKinley, who by the way, had never visited the state. The Senators were quick to let him know that this was a horrible idea. Senator Sullivan, who was speaking at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in Anchorage said:

‘Lisa—Senator Murkowski—and I jumped over the desk. We said, “No, no!”‘

Sullivan shared that he responded to Trump’s “Why?” with:

‘The Alaska Native people named that mountain over 10,000 years ago.… Denali, that was the name.’

This wasn’t a new idea for Trump. During his presidential campaign, he tweeted:

‘President Obama wants to change the name of Mount McKinley to Denali after more than 100 years. Great insult to Ohio. I will change back!’

Alaskans were quick to silence him with their own tweets. Victor Joseph, president of Tanana Chiefs Conference, a consortium of 42 Athabascan tribes in Interior Alaska told The Associated Press:

‘We wanted that change for a long time, and now we finally have it, and we need to leave it alone.

‘It was an insult to the first people of this land when they took away the name and gave it to somebody else.’

There is plenty of evidence out there that Trump is obsessed with Obama and this just adds to the collection. CNN Anchor Don Lemon recently argued that Trump is “making it his mission to undo every last bit of the Obama legacy.”

Featured image by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images