CNN Host Begins Crying LIVE On Air After Widow’s Letter Exposes Trump As A Monster


CNN’s Don Lemon said that he was always looking for role models, and the soldier who died in Niger, Sergeant La David Johnson, was one of them. When Lemon saw Donald Trump being mean to the fallen soldier’s widow, he said: “My heart was broken.”

That powerful emotion soon shifted to shock at the president’s loathsome tweet. Trump attacked a grieving widow, one who has a two-year-old and another six-year-old child and is six months pregnant with their unborn daughter. That vile behavior was almost beyond comprehension. Lemon told his CNN audience:

‘Today when I woke up and saw the emotional interview with the grieving Gold Star widow, my heart was broken—like most of you. And then, moments later, the president tweeted and I was shocked.’

Since Donald Trump had no intention of apologizing to the young widow, Lemon said that he felt the need to write an open letter to the president. He used his platform on CNN to speak for America and read his letter on air:

‘Dear Mr. President, since I have this platform, I’d like to speak to you personally right now. I feel compelled to do that after this latest controversy with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. Your tweet this morning essentially called her a liar.

Mr. Trump, please stop it. Please, stop. Think of what Sgt. Johnson would want. You are putting his widow in the terrible position of having to fight for her dignity when she should be concentrating on taking care of herself, her health, her two children and the one on the way.

I know you have children. You have two daughters. Can you imagine Ivanka or Tiffany in her shoes having a fight with the commander-in-chief while they are pregnant and grieving? If she is mad at you, take it. Just as President Bush and others did. Take it. It’s part of what you signed up for when you decided to descend that escalator and throw your hat in the ring for president.

You are the commander, president of the United States of America. The greatest country on earth. Act like it. Act like you know that you’re big enough not to have to win every fight or respond to every criticism. Act like you know where the high road is. Competent and secure people ask for help all the time, and they ask for forgiveness. Insecure people think they know everything and need no help.’

Then, Lemon noted that Trump has only attacked the only Gold Star families who are people of color. The CNN host asked the president, “How does that look?” Then, he said what so many are thinking:


At that point, Lemon struggled with his emotions and had to excuse himself before he lost it on camera. In a choked voice, he said:

‘Sorry, I’m sorry.’

Check out this powerful video of Don Lemon reading his open letter to Trump below via YouTube:

Featured image via Variety