Trump Rockets Awake At 5:13AM & Live Tweets Gibberish About His Enemies & Dogs


In Trump world, if at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again. The feud between Donald Trump and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker began weeks ago when Corker decided not to run for reelection in 2018 and used his opportunity to speak his mind without fear of voter backlash to speak out against the president. In return, Trump has invented a few easily repeatable – and easily debunked – lies about Corker to counter his criticism.

As Trump prepares on Tuesday to meet with Republican lawmakers to try to convince them to vote for his tax reform plan, Corker is set to appear on Good Morning America to talk about the problems with Trump’s plan. For instance, it will drastically increase the deficit and requires major budget cuts for programs like Medicare and Medicaid while allowing for massive tax breaks to the top one percent.

It goes without saying that Trump often lies about those who criticize him; it’s become just a matter of course at the White House. Trump began the lie about Corker being responsible for the Iran Deal to ease sanctions in exchange for a reduction of their nuclear warfare some time ago, so a fact check by PolitiFact is readily available to debunk that notion and prove Trump once again to be a liar.

As for Trump refusing to endorse Corker, there was no talk of that until Corker criticized Trump publicly. Corker’s office produced evidence that Trump had called Corker earlier in the same week that the senator made his decision to not run again. Trump offered his endorsement and tried to convince him to run for office once again and was rebuffed. It’s just another day and another lie from the man who sits in the highest office in the land.

Twitter was quick to remind Trump of all of these facts.

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