Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Just Admitted He Hates His Job Under Trump


Reportedly, just weeks after an NBC story surfaced that said Trump’s Secretary of State called him a moron, Tillerson is caught on camera complaining about is job.

In early October Rex Tillerson was in hot water after an NBC story revealed that during a meeting at the Pentagon with senior administration officials in July he referred to Donald Trump as a “moron.” The comment came after the president compared military strategy in Afghanistan to making renovations on an upscale Manhattan restaurant.

Tillerson later held a surprise press conference, where he took the opportunity to grovel and praise the president, while never actually denying that he called him a moron.

Now, just weeks later, Tillerson is caught making a bizarre comment that instantly makes you wonder, is life really as great as Trump administration members say it is?

While approaching a statue at a park in Geneva, Switzerland Tillerson crouched in front of a crouching statue and said:

‘Yeah, some days I feel like I need to do that. Curl up in a ball.’

Tillerson has a history of low tolerance for having to simultaneously serve as Secretary of State while dealing with an hyper-sensitive bully for a commander-in-chief. The comment, while delivered light-heartedly, holds an underlying edge in an administration with a neck breaking turnover rate.

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