Bernie Sanders Just Showed Trump How To Be President & Americans Are Going Crazy


President Donald Trump is well known for being all talk and little action when it comes to large issues. Trump has mentioned many times, mostly on Twitter, that he is providing great relief to those who were affected by the devastating hurricanes that tore through Puerto Rico, but many feel as though the president has not taken adequate enough action.

Bernie Sanders, however, seems more than willing to act. Sanders traveled to Puerto Rico, where many are still without electricity and water, to meet with Governor Roselló and other officials to discuss what needs to be done to rebuild and repair the storm-ravaged islands.

Sanders also held a press conference with San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz. During this press conference Sanders stated:

‘The reason I am here today is to listen, and to hear from the people of Puerto Rico about how we address the immediate set of crises that the island faces short-term.’

While Trump also traveled down to Puerto Rico, none of his trips made it appear as though the president was genuinely concerned for the people affected by the hurricanes. Trump’s visit read like a giant obligatory photo-op, where he even threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans while making tasteless jokes.

In addition to his ingenuine behavior during his visit, Trump has also been involved in an ongoing feud with Mayor Cruz, because Cruz called Trump out for his lack of response to the crisis facing Puerto Ricans and his serious lack of compassion.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. The president of the United States spent weeks complaining that Puerto Rico was not doing enough to help themselves, even going as far as to blame them for the devastation that the hurricane left. Trump proposed the idea that perhaps the poor economy and poor infrastructure in Puerto Rico were the reason that Hurricane Maria hit them so hard, and caused such havoc.

However, Trump did sign a $36.5 billion relief package, but this money will be put toward helping all of those affected by recent hurricanes, including Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, as well as those who were affected by the recent ravaging wildfires in California.

Bernie Sanders wants to see a more long-term plan implemented, including having houses and structures built to better withstand future storms they may face. Sanders would also like to see Puerto Rico’ s substantial renewable resources be taken advantage of by the islands on an improved energy grid.

Sanders tweeted out various facts during his trip, as well as frequent updates.

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