Hillary Unleashes On Fox News For Deflecting Attention From Mueller Indictment


With the announcement on Friday that the first charges have been filed in Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation, the conservative world promptly lost its mind. Trump himself tweeted out an attack on Hillary based on the lie that she illegally sold uranium, and Fox News called for her to be “locked up.”

Unfortunately for conservatives, 30 years of constant attacks and crazy uncles reinforcing each other’s conspiracies online don’t actually create criminal behavior where there is none. On the other hand, the investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia is very, very real. It also doesn’t matter if an associate of Hillary Clinton paid for the research that went into the infamous Steele dossier. What matters is the veracity of the content.

With all the criticism aimed at Hillary Clinton, who has maintained a relatively low profile since the 2016 election, it’s almost as if she’s the one in office.

Hillary Clinton herself poked fun at this, taking shots at Fox News, during a recent speech at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner, which was broadcast by C-SPAN:

‘…It does strike me that in the last few days, at least Fox News seems to think that is where I live, in the White House. Because they spend a disproportionate amount of their time talking about impeaching me. So, look, if they want to make a trade, I would be more than willing.’

The joke comes toward the end of her comments, which can be viewed below:

The desperation Republicans are showing in trying to find anything to distract people with is almost sad. Investigation after investigation has cleared Hillary Clinton in every witch hunt they’ve been able to dream up, and yet they can never quite seem to let it go.

Now, they’re trying to weave a scandal where one doesn’t exist, attempting to say – somehow – that Hillary’s association with the dossier is somehow criminal.

Guess what, Republicans? Politicians always do opposition research. If you have more of a problem with the dossier than you do with its contents potentially being true, it seems beyond belief that you could call yourself a “patriot.” It will be interesting to see the contortions Fox News goes through as more information about the charges comes rolling in – they’re in full distraction mode.

Featured image via Mike Coppola/Getty Images