America Receives Ominous Warning About Trump’s Upcoming Trip To Asia (DETAILS)


One reporter gives an ominous warning about North Korea and Donald Trump’s upcoming trip to China, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Donald Trump is scheduled to make his first visit as president to Asia from Nov. 3-14 with a stop in Hawaii. A visit that the White House has said  Trump’s visit will, “strengthen the international resolve to confront the North Korean threat and ensure the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

The very real chance that Trump will make a fool of himself while traveling abroad is something many Americans have come to accept but notion that his bullying, braindead behavior might put the United States in danger is a harder pill to swallow. McClatchy News reporter Anita Kumar says that she believes the president is in danger of doing just that on his up coming Asia trip.

Kumar appeared on an MSNBC segment Sunday where she warned that North Korea could be planning to test a missile during Trump’s trip to the the Asian continent.

The panel discussion turned toward how the panel members felt Trump would behave during his trip and what lengths his administration will need to go to keep him focused and on task. Kumar insisted that the president’s “number one top priority is North Korea” and warned that he needs to pay attention to “what language he uses” while abroad so as not to further strain the relationships between the United States, China, North Korea, and South Korea.

Kumar cautioned:

‘What experts are telling me, though, is that there might be a missile test by North Korea while President Trump is traveling. That’s going to put him on the spot while he’s in China or South Korea. So that would be huge. He’d have to decide then and there how to react.’

The terrifying prospect of Trump’s inability to hold his tongue while abroad could turn tensions into a full on war.

You can see the MSNBC segment in the video below:

Not only do many Twitter users share Kumar’s theory, but the general consensus for Trump’s trip is worry and suspicion.

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