BREAKING: CNN Announces First Arrest In Trump/Russia Scandal (DETAILS)


The highly anticipated #MuellerMonday is finally here, and the moment you’ve all been waiting for is upon us. Robert Mueller certainly knows how to build suspense, but this drawn out criminal investigation is finally nearing its end. It all started on Friday when special counsel announced the first charges in the investigation had been filed and that an indictment could be made as early as Monday.

CNN just released information ahead of the release of the sealed criminal charges filed by special counsel Robert Mueller. Paul Manafort has waited until the very last minute to announce he will turn himself in later Monday afternoon, but more Mueller charges are expected.

According to NY Times Monday morning:

“Paul Manafort and his former business associate Rick Gates were told to surrender to federal authorities Monday morning, the first charges in a special counsel investigation, according to a person involved in the case.”

Multiple people are being investigated by the DOJ’s special counsel, including Paul Manafort. According to Wall Street Journal:

“The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office is joining Mueller’s probe. the attorney’s office is investigating Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, for potential money laundering, alongside Mueller’s probe into his real estate deals in New York.”


NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 9: Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s campaign chairman and chief strategist, leaves the Four Seasons Hotel after a meeting with Trump and Republican donors, June 9, 2016 in New York City. Trump previously stated he planned to raise one billion dollars, but has since pulled back on his fundraising goal. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Lobbyist Tony Podesta is also under investigation after he was found to be linked to Manafort. Newsweek reported:

“The Podesta Group was one of several firms that worked on a Manafort-led campaign for a nonprofit called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (ECMU). The campaign promoted Ukraine’s image in the West and was reportedly backed by the Party of Regions, a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine that was previously led by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.”

WASHINGTON DC-August 2, 2011: Heather and Tony Podesta (Chairman Podesta Group) attended the intimate “Summer Chic” barbeque at Esther Coopersmith’s DC home to celebrate the recent marriage of lawyer Jack Einwechter to Congresswoman Loretta
Sanchez (D-CA)) (Photo by Rebecca D’Angelo/For the Washington Post)

General Michael Flynn is also the target of the investigation after he stepped down as national security adviser in February for “lying about contacts with Russian officials.”

According to NY Daily News:

“The former Army general was also paid more than $500,000 in 2016 for lobbying that benefitted the Turkish government and discredited U.S.-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen.”

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 20: Retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn arrives for the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump at the US Capitol on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. Flynn is appointed National Security Advisor to Trump. Donald J. Trump will become the 45th president of the United States today. (Photo by Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images)

Carter Page was Donald Trump’s campaign adviser on national security. He is called out by name in the infamous “dossier,” and according to the content’s of said dossier, Page met with top Russian officials to “discuss quid-pro-quo deals relating to sanctions, business opportunities and Russia’s interference in the election, according to the documents.”

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – DECEMBER 12, 2016: Carter Page, Global Energy Capital LLC Managing Partner and a former foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump, makes a presentation titled ” Departing from Hypocrisy: Potential Strategies in the Era of Global Economic Stagnation, Security Threats and Fake News” during his visit to Moscow. Artyom Korotayev/TASS (Photo by Artyom KorotayevTASS via Getty Images)

Roger Stone is an ally and fellow Trump lunatic. He has steadily acted as an adviser to the president. According to reports:

“Stone has been questioned by Congress about his connections to Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange. Wikileaks published emails hacked from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, during the election.”

Just Saturday, Stone went on an insane Twitter rant over Friday’s news of charges filed in the investigation. He called CNN’s Don Lemon a “c*cksucker” and a “dull witted arrogant partyboi.”

His Twitter account was suspended the next day, and he is now threatening to sue the outlet.

CORAL GABLES, FL – MAY 22: Roger Stone, a longtime political adviser and friend to President Donald Trump, speaks during a visit to the Women’s Republican Club of Miami, Federated before signing copies of his book ‘The Making of the President 2016’ at the John Martin’s Irish Pub and Restaurant on May 22, 2017 in Coral Gables, Florida. The book delves into the 2016 presidential run by Donald Trump. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. is also under investigation for a meeting he had with Russian sources in order to dig up dirt to use against Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. At first, Junior wasn’t truthful about the meeting or its contents, and Mueller is even looking into a statement made by Junior that could have possibly been constructed by Trump Sr.

Big NO, NO!

Trump Jr. said about the meeting:

“It was a short introductory meeting. I asked Jared and Paul to stop by. We primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children that was active and popular with American families years ago and was since ended by the Russian government, but it was not a campaign issue at the time and there was no follow up.”

ST LOUIS, MO – OCTOBER 09: Donald Trump, Jr. (L) greets his father Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during the town hall debate at Washington University on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. This is the second of three presidential debates scheduled prior to the November 8th election. (Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images)

And lastly, President Trump. The investigation into Trump focuses on his firing of former FBI Director James Comey. If it is found that Trump tried to coerce Comey into dropping the investigation, he is guilty of obstruction of justice.

Daily News reports:

“Trump initially said he fired Comey because of his inadequate leadership, but days later admitted to NBC News that ‘this Russia thing’ was his reason. The President told Russian officials that dismissing Comey, who was previously in charge of the election meddling probe, took ‘great pressure’ off of him.”

The charges filed on Friday blew up into a huge media sensation that, as one could imagine, went crazy out of hand on Twitter. Below are some of the posts trending under the hashtag #MuellerMonday: