Ivanka’s High Maintenance Attitude In W.H. Revealed; What She Does To Staff Is Wrong


Donald Trump has been urging the first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, to leave the West Wing and go back to New York City for months. Now, details are surfacing that likely explain why she is so reluctant to leave.

The billionaire’s daughter has always been rich and married rich, so she does not live like everyday Americans. These same taxpayers are footing the bill for Ivanka’s princess lifestyle at Daddy’s foot.

With Donald Trump traveling to Asia this week, Ivanka traveled to Japan for the annual World Assembly for Women.

The nonprofit American Oversight shared hundreds of new emails it obtained from the Department of Education (DOE) via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They proved what it took to get Ivanka to an hour and one-half event at the Air & Space Museum. A minimum of 21 employees, taxpayer-funded servants, waited on her hand-and-foot.


For just this one event, American Oversight found it took at least 150 emails to arrange Ivanka’s brief appearance, and the nonprofit shared them in an exclusive with Newsweek. The event occurred one day before she took her office in the West Wing.

Newsweek reported that putting the president’s eldest daughter onstage was:

‘Always an exercise in theatrical production and people-management skills, what with the squads of coat-brushing, purse-holding, door-opening flunkies fighting for facetime. But in this case, it required the mobilization of at least 21 government employees (some of the emails were fully redacted) to choreograph less than an hour in the schedule of a woman who was not yet an official employee (who happened to be the president’s daughter). And high-ranking DOE staff were happy to oblige.’

The White House bills Ivanka’s staff hours under the category of “political principal.” For the angst they must experience, they should get hazardous duty pay.

Ivanka has expressed interest in STEM for girls. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had the brilliant idea to introduce primarily African American local schoolgirls to the program. According to Newsweek:

‘The next day, DeVos’s chief of staff, Josh Venable, was sending emails around the White House, looking for “Julie in Ivankas’s office.”‘

Trump, Devos, and a female NASA astronaut, Kathryn Kay Hire, spoke at the event. Organizers also screened the movie Hidden Figures.

The email back-and-forth between DeVos and Trump’s chief of staff involved, as Newsweek reported:

‘Numerous emails with staff in DeVos’s office, arranging, canceling and rearranging meeting times, and discussing the various intricacies of Ivanka’s appearance.’


Ivanka’s taxpayer-funded staff:

‘Vetted invitations to the event, studied seating and stage charts, requested floor maps and inquired about DeVos’s “social media language” and whether the event would be “open or closed press,” which would determine Ivanka’s arrival and departure times, presumably to control contact.’

Ivanka’s staff still had not given the DOE organizers the time she would arrive and leave mere days before the event. They panicked. DOE staff member, Laura Riggs, sent this email:

‘[S]o sorry to bug, Any way we can nail down her arrival/departure today?’

At the last moment, Ivanka’s staff replied that they were giving the DOE staff just half of the hour and one-half they wanted. She would appear for 45 minutes, but they were “working to move things around” to see if she could arrive a little earlier.


The Washington Post gave Ivanka the lead on March 28:

‘At an event at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for local school kids “getting Excited About STEM” on Tuesday morning, Ivanka Trump needed no introduction. Or at least she didn’t get one. The powerful first daughter was announced to the crowd simply by her name, with no title – because she doesn’t really have one, although she has claimed an office in the West Wing.’

Part II from Newsweek to follow at a later date.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Alex Wong.