Another Trump Family Member Slides Into A Prominent White House Position


Donald Trump has already invited several unqualified members of his family to join his administration. Now, in a completely ridiculous turn of events, yet another family member has secured a top spot in the White House.

Former Inside Edition producer Lara Trump joined the Trump family in 2014 when she married Donald Trump’s son, Eric. Since that time she has shown unwavering support for her father-in-law — and in turn gained his favor.

Mrs. Trump hosts an online show that is strictly pro-Trump  called The Real News. This show was created in an attempt to battle the mainstream media, which is generally not favorable.  (Trump tends to define “fake news” by anything unfavorable towards him and his administration.)

Lara Trump, senior advisor to Trump’s already in action campaign for re-election in 2020, has conducted meetings with several government officials, including Veteran Affairs Committee Chairman Phil Roe, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Rep. Ron DeSantis, all in an effort to gain the administration’s support to fund a $10 million federal initiative to create a new Veterans Affairs program nationwide.

The busy Mrs. Trump also called a round table discussion of several lawmakers, cabinet appointees, and presidential advisors to discuss the issue on October 18 in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

David Gergen, an adviser to the president who served in four administrations, including Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton, as well as George Bush’s presidential campaign in 1980, said:

‘I cannot remember something like that ever happening in my time. This White House is being run like a family business, and campaigning is their bread and butter. If you’re serving on a campaign while hosting meetings at the White House, nobody ever knows what hat you’re officially wearing. You may be there for a meeting about pets for vets but those in the meeting will know that if they cross the president’s daughter-in-law, it could cost them their standing with the administration. It’s not just about puppies-it’s about politics.’

Mrs. Trump began working at the White House on some small, seemingly harmless projects, like bringing therapy puppies to the V.A. but, for obvious reasons, this un-vetted addition to Trump’s family administration is completely unethical, given her current position on the president’s 2020 campaign team. Not that ethics have ever played a prominent part in anything Trump related, but it still matters.

Congressman Ted Lieu of California spoke out about the questionable role Lara Trump plays, saying:

‘I have serious concerns about her credibility. It’s pretty clear people are going to her not because she has policy expertise but because she’s related to the president… There’s no reason why she would have any special expertise other than she’s a relative.’

Lieu also expressed concerns with what he feels is the Trump administration’s blurred lines between public service and campaigning.

Ethics counsel for the executive branch at CREW, Virginia Canter, who worked under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama said:

‘This is not normal. To the extent that somebody is actively engaged in political campaigning, it would be inappropriate for them to be sitting in and heading White House meetings. It raises a lot of concerns; you get the appearance that the individual is moving policy for political purposes rather than the public interest.’

Lara Trump gave an interview in July 2017 to Fox News and said:

‘Whether it is a person who has been incredibly loyal to the campaign or just a different individual, Donald Trump just wants what works for him-for this country. My father-in-law is a very loyal individual and he is very loyal to people who are loyal to him. When he feels like somebody isn’t doing a good job, or is not being loyal, he’s going to correct that, and I think that’s what we’ve seen in the White House so far.’

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