Newsweek Cover Released With Image So Hilarious It Went Viral In 7 Seconds Flat


Newsweek is back with another brilliant depiction of Donald Trump, this time featuring members of his staff. The cover is just one of several put out by the publication featuring the former reality tv star since the beginning of his presidential campaign.

The November Newsweek cover depicts the president and several administration members sitting on top of a private plane with money flying from Trump’s hands and the title “Snakes On A Plane,” subtitled, “Trump’s jet-setting White House may be the most corrupt in U.S. history.” The title is a reference to a movie of the same name starring Samuel L. Jackson.

The cover makes light of the very real corruption of the Trump administration and turns attention to the administration’s practices of spending millions of U.S. taxpayers dollars on personal comforts, among other things.

One of the most recent examples is the heavy use of aircraft and how much it’s costing the American people for Trump administration members to travel, even for non-work related purposes.

The corruption goes much further than just aircraft expenses, for instance Kellyanne Conway promoting top White House advisor and daughter to the president, Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Another example would be the edict for government staff to use Trump hotels when traveling.

Here are some of the twitter responses to this is explosive new Newsweek cover:

The August 11 issue of Newsweek also featured Donald Trump on the cover. On that cover, the president can be seen nestled in a La-Z-Boy recliner surrounded by junk food, cleverly including a bag of Cheetos, television remote in hand.  The title reads “Lazy Boy” and the subtitle, “Donald Trump is bored and tired. Imagine how bad he’d feel if he did any work.”

The cover story was published just two days after the cover, in which a closer look is taken at Donald Trump “America’s boy king” and his complete lack of drive to focus on his job.

You can watch the video below from the Huffington Post:

Featured Image via Newsweek’s Twitter

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