JUST IN: GOP Speaker Of House Hit With Career-Altering Sex Abuse Allegations


Republicans are being heavily investigated by the FBI, or at least facing serious allegations, from the president himself all the way down to state senators and representatives. Just the other day, Florida Senate Budget Chair Jack Latvala was accused by at least six women of inappropriately touching them and sources say there may be many more. It appears that the GOP is in a downward spiral, either resulting from mounting charges of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia or sexual assault allegations coming from somewhere.

Today, there come more allegations of sexual assault by another Republican lawmaker. This time, it’s Kentucky Speaker of The House of Representatives, Jeff Hoover. According to State Rep. Wesley Morgan, he has now reported his fellow Republican colleagues to the FBI based on new information he has received.

Kentucky’s largest newspaper, Louisville’s Courier Journal, reported on Thursday evening that Hoover settled a sexual assault claim secretly outside of court. According to The Courier Journal:

‘Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover has reached a confidential settlement over sexual harassment allegations by a woman who works on his legislative staff, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter who spoke with Courier Journal.’

After learning about this, Wesley Morgan decided to report the information to the FBI for investigation. Morgan tweeted:

‘Based on new information that I have just received, I am calling for the immediate resignation and/or impeachment of Jeff Hoover. As a former federal criminal investigator and a person who is loyal to his oath of office, I absolutely cannot stand by and stay silent.’

‘It appears the Speaker, members of leadership, and some majority staff have conspired to cover up much more than has been disclosed. They have conspired to conceal information regarding sexual harassment claims against not only the Speaker, but three chairmen.’

Here were some responses to Morgan’s call for Hoover’s resignation or impeachment:

Morgan went on to say:

‘I have just notified the FBI of this possible Hobbs Act violation and they are looking into it as we speak.’

Morgan reiterated that lying to the FBI carries a five-year sentence.

Hoover also sent suggestive texts to the woman, which The Courier Journal received. One text exchange went like this:

‘If you decided to send a photo of the black lace g string, I won’t share. For my eyes only.’

She texted back a photo and Hoover responded:

‘Wow. Long hair is nice but covered up great parts.’

She answered back:

 ‘Oh yeah?’

It was difficult to follow from reading the texts what happened next, but Hoover said:

‘Very Nice!! Thanks for sharing. Delete before somebody sees it.’

According to The Journal:

‘Courier Journal sources say the woman engaged in the suggestive text exchanges initially because another legislative staffer told her she needed to keep Hoover happy to advance in her career. After re-evaluating the nature of the relationship, the woman came to believe it was harassment and created a hostile work environment, the sources said.’

Columnist Joseph Gerth, who was The Courier Journal’s chief political reporter for more than ten years, questioned whether KY taxpayers would be the ones paying for the confidential settlement that was made. Gerth said:

‘He needs to tell voters why he thought it was appropriate to enter into an agreement that carried a confidentiality clause with it that would have prevented voters from ever finding out how he had acted when they sent him to Frankfort to represent them.’

Watch a clip regarding the case on KET.

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