Alec Baldwin Just Revealed How Melania Feels About His Trump Skit & It Is Perfect


Alec Baldwin’s Emmy-winning performance as Donald Trump is popular with viewers and extremely unpopular with Donald Trump. The sketches have made their way into television history as some of the funniest portrayals of U.S. presidents on Saturday Night Live.

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While the president may not be a fan, his wife Melania seems to be. Baldwin told the host of The Brian Lehrer Show that friends of his who work or have worked in the White House during Trump’s presidency report that Melania enjoys the sketches. Melania has reportedly told friends she loves the sketches about her husband because “that’s exactly what he’s like.”

‘Someone told me — who’s friends with someone in the White House, or formerly in the White House — that Melania Trump loves ‘SNL’ and she loves my impersonation.’

Baldwin has also been told that Trump is furious with his wife’s positive opinion of his impersonation, which led to his Twitter outrage against both the Emmy-award winning actor and SNL.

Baldwin doesn’t seem too concerned about Trump’s opinions. In a popular segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Baldwin talked about Trump’s “mean tweets” on the late-night talk show, where he read the president’s tantrums about him. He has also tweeted pointed responses back at the president with an odd fixation on Baldwin’s impersonation.

The popular Trump sketches follow a long tradition of SNL’s comedic political commentary. From Dan Aykroyd’s performance as Richard Nixon in 1978 to Dana Carvey’s sketches as President George W. Bush in the 1990s to Baldwin today, there is a substantial history of satiric performances of U.W. presidents on the long-running sketch comedy show. None have seemed quite so bothered by them, however, as the perpetually bruised ego of Donald Trump.

The relationship between Trump and his wife has led to national speculation about their marriage. The 47-year-old former supermodel has publicly rebuked her 71-year-old husband by swatting his hand away during an overseas trip to Tel Aviv. She was also caught in an odd interaction with Trump during the inauguration that went viral on social media.

Baldwin has persisted in his impersonation despite the president’s outrage. As a result, ratings for the show have reached all new highs. With 8.3 million viewers for its premiere episode featuring Baldwin, the 40-year-old show is enjoying its highest numbers in decades.

‘Those numbers made for the show’s most-watched season in 23 years and the highest-rated in seven. SNL also finished the season as the No. 5 non-sports show on broadcast, trailing only The Big Bang Theory, This Is Us, Empire and Modern Family in the key demo.’

Much of the success of those sketches is the result of the low approval ratings and widespread dislike for the current president. In new polls released on Monday by ABC/The Washington Post, Trump’s approval ratings are the lowest ever for a president in less than a year into his first term.

‘59% disapprove of Trump’s handling of the presidency — the worst of any president at nine months in office since modern polling began. Of those who disapprove, 50% say they do so strongly. Only 37% of those polled approve of Trump’s performance in office.’

With record levels of frustration among American voters as they suffer through President Trump, the best relief from the growing despair is still comedy.

For Baldwin’s latest Trump sketch, see video below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube