New Trump Popularity Poll Complete & The Results Just Rocked Trump’s World


As the end of the year draws near, so does Trump’s first year as president. At his inauguration back in January, America was torn on their feelings for Trump. Some called for giving him a chance. Others called for his immediate impeachment. Others loved it. However, in the newest Washington Post-ABC News poll, it’s been revealed his disapproval rating has continued to spiral into a fiery crash of death and destruction.

WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 03: US President Donald Trump talks to the media before he and first lady Melania Trump depart on Marine One on November 3, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump is embarking on a five country, eleven day tour throughout Asia. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In the poll, they found 59 percent of those polled disapprove of his handling of the presidency, with only 37 percent approving. When broken down they found 50 percent of those disapproving had strong feelings on their stance.

Screen grab from the Washington Post.

Even more interesting, they found that 17 percent of Republicans polled disapprove of the way Trump is handling things. Back in April, only 10 percent of Republicans disapproved of Trump. That’s a seven-point increase. The sharpest increase during that time was from April to July, when Republican disapproval shot up five points.

When further broken down by racial demographics, it was found that among white people it was about split with 46 percent approving of Trump’s job performance and 50 percent disapproving. However, 87 percent of African Americans polled disapproved of the job Trump was doing with 85 percent strongly disapproving.

Additionally, when tracked over time, the poll revealed Trump’s approval rating dropped sharply with African Americans between July and November. That can be attributed to Trump’s response to the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist rally, in which he refused to outright blame white supremacists for the violence.

When asked about their confidence in the president to “make the right decisions for the country’s future” 65 percent of those polled felt less confident with 46 percent having no confidence whatsoever in the president.

When asked whether the president had accomplished much during the nine months of his presidency, the results were hilarious. They found 65 percent of all adults polled felt he accomplished little/nothing, with 43 percent of those feeling he had accomplished little or nothing as compared to the 22 percent who felt he had not accomplished “very much.” With 35 percent of all adults polled feeling he had accomplished a great deal/good amount, only 12 percent felt he had accomplished a great deal. Seventy-three percent of Republicans felt he accomplished a great deal/good amount, with the majority feeling he had accomplished a good amount, as compared to 28 percent feeling he had accomplished a great deal.

When asked about Trump’s handling of race relations, 70 percent of those polled felt he was doing a not so good/poor job, with 51 percent feeling he was doing a poor job. Eighty-three percent of non-white pollees felt he was doing a not so good/poor job, with 63 percent feeling he was doing a poor job.

When asked how they felt American leadership was viewed in the world, 53 percent of those polled felt it had gotten weaker. What’s truly interesting, however, is when tracked over time, it’s obvious a growing number of Republicans feel American leadership globally has gotten weaker. In July, it sat at 11 percent, with the newest poll showing a five-point increase to 16 percent.

Additionally, a growing number of Republicans believe Trump is not keeping most of his campaign promises. Back in April, only 11 percent of Republicans felt he wasn’t keeping his promises. Now 25 percent of Republicans feel he isn’t keeping his campaign promises.

Worse yet, back in April, 89 percent of Republicans felt he was a strong leader. However, only 79 percent feel that way now.

If you thought it was bad for Trump though, you haven’t seen the results for those polled on Republicans in Congress. When asked about their confidence in Congressional Republicans, they found 76 percent of all adults polled were less confident with 28 percent having no confidence whatsoever.

What’s important, however, is how the Republicans polled feel about the GOP in Congress. It’s not pretty at all. Republicans polled are split on how confident they are in their representatives with a 49-49 percent split.

These findings can be attributed to the fact that Congress has gotten little done, even though they have both houses of Congress and the executive branch. With several failed attempts at repealing and replacing ObamaCare, Republican supporters aren’t happy.

So, what’s the takeaway? The takeaway is that Trump’s approval rating and people’s support and confidence in him are dropping even among his own party. The support among Republicans may still be strong, but if it continues to steadily decline over the next four years, Trump may find himself having to work hard for a second term in office.

Featured image by Mark Wilson via Getty Images.