Trump Brags About Himself On Twitter While Nation Mourns – Then Karma Happened


Donald Trump seems to be a big fan of propaganda that makes him look like a strong leader. He posts weekly addresses to the nation, often set to background music, and always with accolades for himself.

While Trump is busy tweeting videos about how great he is, the country is reeling from a weekend full of stunning news. In Texas, 26 people were killed by a white man with a long history of violence who was still able to purchase guns and, unlike the Muslim who drove a truck into a crowd of people, Trump hasn’t called the shooter an “animal” or called for the death penalty.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has amassed enough evidence to charge Trump’s first choice for National Security Adviser for negotiating with foreign countries during Trump’s campaign. Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., violated the Logan Act┬áduring that infamous meeting with Russian government operatives while allegedly attempting to negotiate on behalf of the United States as a private citizen to repeal the Magnitsky Act in exchange for dirt on his father’s political rival, Hillary Clinton.

Yet Trump is tweeting propaganda videos about what an awesome speech he gave in Japan instead of answering the questions of millions of Americans about gun violence, his tendency to hire criminals, and collusion with the Russian government during the 2016 presidential elections.

Twitter came out in force to remind him where Americans’ minds really are today, and it isn’t cheering his videos.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg