Trump Gets Publicly Un-Invited To Prestigious Event & Is Humiliated Beyond Belief


It is a very cool party, and Donald Trump was not invited. Yet, over 100 countries, including Syria, and non-governmental groups have been invited to this crucial summit.

The sitting U.S. president pulled the country out of the vital 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement mainly because he has tried to take a wrecking ball to everything that President Barack Obama accomplished during his tenure.

An official from France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s office said that since Trump withdrew he was not invited to the Paris summit “for the time being.”

The official said that those who are attending the accord are committed to the 2015 agreement and:

‘The United States have a bit of a special status for that summit.’

The official said that members of the U.S. government will still be invited but not Trump.

Syria and Nicaragua are the latest members of the world’s 195 nations that want to join the 2015 Paris Climate Accord and take part in slowing global warming. That leaves the U.S. as the only country that refuses to take part, according to “delegates at a U.N. climate negotiations in Germany,” Reuters reported.

The United States had been improving its impact on the environment until Donald Trump reversed reams of regulations that favor industry and that put poisons back into his country’s environment.

Even though Syria is battle weary from a civil war, its delegate told the members during a Bonn meeting it wants to be part of the effort. Reuters wrote that delegates say the countries intend:

‘To curb rising temperatures by cutting greenhouse gas emissions.’

Ronald Jumeau of the Seychelles spoke to Reuters:

‘We need everybody on board. We want the United States in too. We take no pleasure in the United States being out.’

The spokesperson for the U.N. Climate Change Secretariat Nick Nuttall said Syria had not formally submitted its documents yet. The Secretariat is organizing the upcoming event in December.

People are appalled that the U.S. is the only country that pulled itself out of the Paris Accord. Yet, there is persistent propaganda from the right to Trump followers denouncing the reality of climate change.

Citizens throughout America are simply fed up with Donald Trump’s war on Barack Obama’s accomplishments. Trump started his attacks on 44 long before he took office when he challenged his predecessor’s U.S. citizenship.

The man who now sits in the Oval Office has been showing his vindictive nature as he blows up Obama’s various accomplishments. People remember 44’s last press dinner digs at Trump, and 45 never laughed and never forgot a perceived wrong. However, America is who loses.

Even though the sitting president pulled out of the Paris Agreement, there are over:

‘…2,500 (U.S.) mayors, governors, university presidents + civic leaders committed to Paris deal.’

Climate change is real. The Paris Accord is not simply a matter of carbon dioxide causing the oceans to warm. It is a matter of balancing all of the ways humans interact with the world from protecting the bees, which pollinate plants to leaving behind the antiquated coal industry.

Trump has been taking the country backward, taking us down a path toward a third-world existence, and citizens are incensed:

The environmental group, Greenpeace tweeted:

‘@chrgovph launched their investigation in December 2015, during the historic Paris climate summit.’

What should people do when they have a president who is an embarrassment on the national stage? Let their people in Congress know how they feel by phone, email, or fax. Then, if that does not work, fire them at the voting booth.

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