Trump Sees Election Results, Gets Online, & Live Tweets Mental Breakdown From Korea


Just 18 hours ago, Trump tweeted his ringing endorsement of Virginia’s Republican candidate for governor, Ed Gillespie. Less than an hour after the race was called for Democrat Ralph Northam, Trump went on the attack against the same candidate he had endorsed earlier in the day.

Political news media began calling the race for Ralph Northam over Ed Gillespie at around 7:45 PM EST. Shortly afterward, Trump began blaming Gillespie and attacking his platform.

This is quite the reversal from Trump’s earlier support for the Republican candidate.

As it turns out, a vast majority of Virginia voters aren’t unhappy with their state’s economy no matter how hard Trump tries to insist they are and that they need him to give massive tax cuts to the rich to help them. Crime rates are down under their current governor, Terry McAuliffe (D-VA), and the unemployment rate is well below the national average.

Not only President Trump, but his son Donald, Jr. spent the day tweeting their support for Gillespie. Of course, Junior’s support might have been equally as damaging as that of his father’s considering he told voters to vote on the wrong day.

Twitter was quick to mock Trump for yet another loss since he is now zero for two in endorsing successful candidates after the Alabama loss of Luther Strange to Roy Moore in the Republican primaries there. Trump supporters have got to be tired of all the winning at this point.

Featured image via Getty/The Washington Post