Fox Panel Descends Into Chaos As Guest Vows Never To Come On Again (VIDEO)


The president’s favorite “news” channel is at it again. He’s stumped for Fox News over and over again, routinely basically live-tweeting Fox & Friends, even though the network routinely pushes blatantly biased reports as “news.”

He very noticeably consistently leaves Fox out of his incessant attacks on the media.

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Although Trump is presently overseas on a tour of Asia meant to strengthen the world’s efforts against North Korea, back here at home, Congressional Republicans are continuing to hash out the details of their tax reform plan.

The Senate has yet to unveil their version of the measure, although the House has unveiled theirs. The Senate’s version could be argued to be more relevant, since in the past, the question of whether or not a bill would live or die has come down to the opinion of a few Senators.

In light of the ongoing national debate over tax policy, Fox hosted what it billed as a panel discussion between a right-winger and a left-winger, but it did not go well.

Host Melissa Francis would not let New Policy Institute founder Simon Rosenberg even finish his opening statements, cutting him off with demands that he not resort to “talking points.”

Francis asked him:

‘What is one thing that you think you could change about this bill to make it more palatable to Democrats?’

He only got one sentence out — “I don’t think that’s the issue Melissa” — before the host cut him off, saying, “We’re not going to do talking points.”

As Rosenberg put it when Francis finally let him talk, he doesn’t “think that Democrats are going to support a bill that dramatically cuts taxes for very wealthy people [and] drives up the deficit.”

CBO says House GOP’s tax bill adds $1.7 trillion to the deficit over the next decade from CNBC.

After Francis again claimed that Rosenberg was just “doing talking points,” Rosenberg shot back, clearly uninterested in putting up with Francis literally not letting him talk.

He said, of Francis’ “talking points” line, “It’s insulting that you’re saying that to me as if I don’t understand what I’m saying and can do my own analysis about the economy!”

Democrats have literally been shut out of the tax bill’s creation, and yet Francis took it upon herself to ask her conservative guest — David Avella — how to bring the Democrats to the table.

Again, it’s not as though Democrats aren’t “for tax reform.” It’s that, one, Democrats have been shut out of the process of creating the bill, and two, Democrats, as Rosenberg explained, aren’t going to support something that cuts taxes for the rich while leaving the poor to suffer.

Clearly disgusted with his juvenile treatment from Francis, Rosenberg said, when again referenced by the host:

‘The point is that Democrats are not going to agree to a tax cut plan that overwhelmingly benefits wealthy people and drives up the deficit… We reject the frame that is being proposed here.’

As he went on to explain once given the opportunity to provide some detail, although there are a few tax cuts included in the GOP’s plan, over time, many people will pay more in taxes, with the government’s needs still having to be met somehow. The Republican answer to this is to baselessly claim that economic growth supposedly sparked by tax cuts will offset the effects of the tax increases.

After Francis sarcastically commented that her and Rosenberg are going to have to “get a drink sometime,” Rosenberg replied by saying, “I’m never coming back on the show ever again, thank you,” at which point Francis mindlessly laughed.

Check out the video below.

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