Hillary Goes On Mega Post-Election Rant That Has Trump In Full Freakout Mode


Twitter was once again lit up last evening, but it wasn’t President Donald Trump this time taking to the social media.

Hillary Clinton could not contain her enthusiasm or praise to the proud Democratic supporters that created a momentous, historical victory for the Democrats. She took to social media, Twitter, to tweet out her thanks and support to several groups that are well-known Democratic supporters.

Several groups were rewarded with praise from Hillary Clinton. The groups of democratic supporters were key in last night’s victory. Candidates heard what the real issues for the American people were and want to make changes favorable and about choice. Republican candidates did not appear open to changes regarding the American lifestyle.

A  blue wave” that  ‘swept’ across Virginia and New Jersey last night brought new Governors to the Virginia and New Jersey  mansions. Democrat Ralph Northam,  secured a victory  in the Virginia governor’s race in both the northern Virginia district as well as the Norfolk district.  Virginia Senator, Tim Kaine said, “Virginia sent a strong message that Trump-style division — pitting people against people — that is not the Virginia way. That is not the American way.”

Democrat Phil Murphy collected the win for  the New Jersey Governor’s office. For the past eight years, Republican Chris Christie has held the New Jersey governor’s office.

The night was filled with wins for the Democrat candidates in legislative and mayoral races.  For a non-presidential election, there was a higher than usual turnout and Democratic party candidates seemed stronger and did well in suburban areas.  There were also a lot of firsts in elections that were notable as well.   Democrat  Danica Roem became the first and only open transgender state lawmaker, beating out Bob Marshall, who was advocating for  a bill that would restrict which bathrooms transgender people should use.

There is a renewed sense of optimism in the American people, as they have endured President Donald Trump’s daily antics and are deciding they have had enough. The Democrats are a positive change and are working with people to create relationships with minorities, while President Donald Trump tries to build walls and dictate.

President Donald Trump tried to blame the loss solely on the candidate, Republican Ed Gillespie. President Donald Trump tweeted out.

Onward Together, a group Hillary Clinton co-founded in May 2017 and is the current CEO of, was mentioned with pride and it is believed, the group with its many political groups and fundraising agendas, will be pivotal in winning back the House of Delegates, in Virginia, in the 2018 elections.

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