Kim Davis Gets Very Unwelcome Surprise From Gay Man She Discriminated Against


In an interesting turn of events, former Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, may now have an all too familiar challenger in her re-election bid for office. Davis became infamous roughly two years ago in August of 2015, when she denied a gay man a marriage license, defying a U.S. federal court order that stated she must issue same-sex marriage licenses. Using her Apostolic Pentecostal Christian faith as an attempted justification for her defiance, Davis was shortly after sentenced to six days in jail for being in contempt of court.

Davis announced her bid for re-election of her post, but this time on the Republican party’s platform. Although no challenger on the Democratic side has emerged just yet, David Ermold has come out stating that he is in contemplation to join the race, in order to prevent Davis from winning. Ermold, an English professor, is one of the individuals who was denied a same-sex marriage license by Davis, and feels it is his obligation to put up a fight against her.

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MOREHEAD, KY – SEPTEMBER 14: Rowan County clerk Kim Davis gives a statement about her intentions on applying her signature to same sex marriage licenses on her first day back to work, after being released from jail last week, at the Rowan County Courthouse September 14, 2015 in Morehead, Kentucky. Davis was jailed for disobeying a judges order for denying marriage licenses to gay couples on the basis of her religious faith. (Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images)

In a recent radio interview with Western Kentucky University Radio, Ermold stated that, “If Kim Davis was reelected in that position without an appropriate fight, I’d probably regret it for the rest of my life.” In a follow-up interview, Ermold expressed his beliefs that Davis has yet to understand the true meaning of civil rights, and that she inherently feels discriminating against same-sex couples and marriages is the right thing to do in her mind.

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For Ermold, and his now husband, David Moore, the next step is looking into different strategies and methods by which they can enter the race. Their first initiative is drafting a plan for how to raise enough funding to be able to launch a competitive political campaign, and may announce an official bid for county clerk on the Democratic party’s platform. Although no such definitive claims have been made that Ermold will be challenging Davis in the upcoming elections, many signs are pointing towards this becoming a very realistic possibility.

Davis has not only received backlash from the LGBTQ community in her refusal to grant same-sex marriage licenses, she has also been controversial among an overwhelming majority of Rowan County residents, due to the negligent behavior while holding her post. As a result of her disregard and defiance of the U.S. federal court orders, the state of Kentucky has been forced to pay for the court and legal fees attributed to Davis’ case. Given the involvement of the American Civil Liberties Union, which was representing the gay couples, the state government is now obligated to pay a staggering sum of $220,000 in fees for the ACLU.

Undoubtedly, this has led to widespread negative sentiment about her competence to hold such a position, which may very well become apparent as the campaigns get underway. Local voters will have the ability to hold Davis accountable for her actions, demand answers for her blatant violation of the separation between church and state, and see if she will do anything different if she is, in fact, re-elected.

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