Roy Moore’s Co-Worker & Friend Defect; Deliver Smoking Gun Evidence Of Teen Abuse


Allegations of child sexual abuse against Roy Moore cast a dark pall over his political campaign, and his response so far has not helped him much. After insisting to Sean Hannity on Fox News that claims by the youngest of his victims was “completely false,” when asked if he ever dated teenaged girls when he was 32 years old, he waffled.

‘If I did, I’m not going to dispute these things, but I don’t remember anything like that.’

So far, Moore has only disputed two parts of the growing allegations against him: he says he never molested a 14-year-old named Leigh Corfman and he never bought alcohol for minors. Those two are the only pieces of the story that are actually illegal. The other three victims would have been of legal age to consent, although their stories would also seem to corroborate Corfman’s since it would indicate that Moore had a penchant for very young girls.

Moore’s former deputy DA also came forward on Saturday to back up his accusers’ claims.

Moore began his scorched-earth campaign against his accusers, with the help of his wife Kayla Moore, on the day the story broke in The Washington Post. He alluded to “evidence of collusion” that he possessed proving that the stories were politically motivated, but said he was not ready to release it yet. On Saturday, he told reporters that the proof would be made public soon.

‘In the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. They will be brought to the public. We fully expect the people of Alabama to see through this charade.’

Moore’s wife already shared a tweet on her social media account on Friday night alluding to reports that one of the victims worked for the DNC and for Hillary Clinton. If the accuser truly is one of the women in the pictures being circulated on social media since Moore’s wife first shared it, the Facebook page she cited indicates that the accuser actually worked for a company that provided sign language interpretation services, which had been hired to provide those services during some Democratic events). The retweet by Moore also supported the idea that The Washington Post is guilty of bribery and alluded to Satan as being responsible for the destruction of “a godly conservative Christian.”

Breitbart published a story saying that the same accuser who worked for the DNC deleted posts from her Facebook page criticizing Trump, who is backing Moore for the Senate. Many Americans have anti-Trump sentiments on their social media accounts, but it is impossible to verify that this is true, since Breitbart is basing the story on posts that have been “deleted.”

The “proof” Moore releases will have to be fairly compelling, almost unrealistically compelling at this point, to undo the damage to him and his campaign. He will need to prove that a national publication as well-known as The Washington Post was somehow influenced or paid by Democratic political operatives, then influenced or paid their reporters, four accusers, and thirty people they interviewed who corroborated the stories, to never, ever tell anyone without risking their publication’s reputation and getting the newspaper shut down.

What’s far more likely is that he’ll disparage the women by making public their entire histories (whether or not those details are relevant), exposing their families to public scrutiny and possible danger, and disseminating as much misleading information as possible to discredit them.

Ask yourself again why these women never came forward before.

Featured image via Getty/Wes Frazer