JUST IN: Post Roy Moore Trump Approval Poll Released; Dramatic Change In Recent Days


Donald Trump will be remembered as one of the most divisive presidents in the history of this nation. His campaign, and time in the White House, has been marked by controversy since the very start.

A new poll released by Quinnipiac University has his approval rating at a mere 35 percent, which is near the all time low. At least one other measure of job performance is at the lowest point recorded: fitness. Overwhelmingly, voters say that Trump is unfit to serve. A mere three percent are undecided on this point:

‘In a new low for this measure, only 40 percent of American voters say Trump is fit to serve as president, while 57 percent say he is not fit.’

Yet, there is bad news for Democrats as well. First, it’s unlikely that the current numbers spell trouble for Donald Trump. It’s more of the same, and a startlingly high (but not really) number of Republicans still fully support him, as the poll also reveals:

‘Independent voters, a key voting bloc, disapprove of President Trump 63 – 31 percent. Democrats disapprove 91 – 5 percent. Republicans approve 80 – 11 percent.’

Not only that, but approval ratings for congressional Democrats are also not high. Despite having a minority in both houses and very little power to speak of, Americans strongly disapprove of the job being done by Democrats,  63 – 29 percent. Luckily, they disapprove of Republicans in even higher numbers:

‘American voters disapprove 79 – 15 percent, including 60 – 32 percent among Republicans, of the way Republicans in Congress are doing their job. Disapproval is overwhelming among every party, gender, education, age and racial group listed.’

Even still, more than half of American voters want Democrats to gain control of the House (51 percent) and Senate (52 percent), showing that Republican control over the entire government has not led to satisfactory results in the eyes of the public.

Americans also continue to hold largely unfavorable specific views about Trump:

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The poll also revealed that, by and large, Trump’s “fake news” shtick is only working on his core supporters, whereas everyone else has caught onto his lies. The media is overall deemed much more trustworthy than Trump:

‘American voters disapprove 58 – 38 percent of the way the media covers Trump, but trust the media more than Trump 54 – 34 percent to tell the truth about important issues. Voters say 53 – 42 percent that the media focuses too much on negative stories about Trump, but do not believe 57 – 39 percent that the media makes up negative stories about him.’

You can read the poll in its entirety here.

The dogged, almost cultish, determination to support Trump in spite of his many lies, failures, and scandals is indicative of the deep divide in American politics. The United States is fractioned into partisan camps, As long as support for Trump remains high among Republican voters, elected Republicans will continue to default to his “leadership,” thus ensuring that the GOP is truly the party of Trump.

It will be interesting to see if further developments in the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller have any impact on that level of support, considering the efforts Trump’s camp has gone to in order to try and discredit the impartial investigation.

In another recent poll, by WaPo and ABC, Trump reached his lowest point ever:

Trump has not managed to garner a high approval rating at any point during his time in office, despite the conditions being excellent. Typically, the economy has a huge impact on a president’s approval rating. Regardless of real impact, he’s usually the one held accountable during good times or bad. Thanks to eight years of solid growth under President Barack Obama, the economy is doing great – and despite this, Trump’s numbers are not.

A few months ago, Anthony Salvanto pointed out on CBS that Americans haven’t been this confident about the economy “in 15 years” (do the math – that’s the Clinton economy. Then Bush and the financial crisis, followed by President Obama’s tenure, stimulus, and economic recovery, and here we are. Just let the Democrats run the economy. Seriously.), yet Trump’s approval remains low. Here’s more:

Sorry, Donald. America just plain doesn’t like you.

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