BREAKING: The Keystone Pipeline Has Burst, Leaving Disaster In Its Wake (VIDEO)


In an effort to undo anything President Obama ever did, Trump made it a point in his very first days to approve the Keystone Pipeline. Now, every reason that protesters fought against the pipeline has happened once again.

KSFY News reported on Thursday that in a section of the pipeline was closed down from Alberta, Canada to Patoka, Illinois after 5,000 barrels of oil was spilled.

‘Brian Walsh with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources tells KSFY News they were alerted to the leak at 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning by TransCanada.

‘The leak was in the Keystone Pipeline located in an agricultural area in Marshall County. There have been no reports of the oil entering any waterways or water systems at this time.

‘Walsh said 5,000 barrels of oil have leaked, and at 42 gallons a barrel, that totals 210,000 gallons of oil.

‘The pipeline has been shut off and the leak has been covered. An emergency response plan has been activated to get more staff and contractors to the site for clean up.

‘Walsh anticipates the clean up will take some time.’

Like most of the environmental regulations of the Obama era, Trump justified his acceptance of the Keystone Pipeline by saying it would be good for jobs. He also insisted after he signed an executive order allowing the pipeline to be constructed that he had received no negative phone calls about it, so people must be glad he made the decision he did, ignoring protests by Native Americans who would be affected by such an oil spill.

Despite all the protests and all the warnings from environmental scientists about the potential dangers of the pipeline, Trump dismissed the concerns while meeting with auto industry executives earlier this year.

‘I am, to a large extent, an environmentalist, I believe in it. But it’s out of control, and we’re going to make it a very short process. And we’re going to either give you your permits, or we’re not going to give you your permits. But you’re going to know very quickly. And generally speaking, we’re going to be giving you your permits.’

Protesters scored a huge victory in 2015 when their unwavering refusal to stop protests despite the use of brutality and intimidation used against them was finally answered when President Obama stalled its construction through their lands. Holding signs that read “water is life,” protesters celebrated, only to see President Trump disregard their concerns that water supplies would be poisoned on reservations, which are already disproportionately impoverished areas.

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