Jared Kushner’s Deteriorating Mental State Leaked To ‘Vanity Fair’ & It’s Getting SAD


The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia (or obstructed justice into Comey’s investigation of the same) has already turned up dirt. Many unreported conversations, email chains, and meetings have been discovered – not to mention the multiple arrests.

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Donald Trump holds an expanded bi-lateral meeting with Saad Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon, in the Oval Office at the White House on July 25, 2017 in Washington, DC. Also pictured are Steve Mnuchin, U.S. Secretary of Treasury, and White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner. (Photo by Zach Gibson – Pool/Getty Images)

Reportedly, none other than Trump’s own son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is also one of his chief advisors, is worried the Russia probe is going to “get” Trump. Vanity Fair reports,

‘As Kushner’s Russia troubles mount—last Friday the Senate disclosed that he had not turned over e-mails about WikiLeaks, a claim his attorney, Abbe Lowell,denied—insiders are again speculating, as my colleague Emily Jane Foxreported last month, about how long Kushner and Ivanka Trump will remain in Washington. Despite Kushner’s efforts to project confidence about Robert Mueller’s probe, he expressed worry after the indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates about how far the investigation could go. “Do you think they’ll get the president?” Kushner asked a friend, according to a person briefed on the conversation.

‘According to two Republicans who have spoken with Trump, the president has also been frustrated with Kushner’s political advice, including his encouragement to back losing Alabama G.O.P. candidate Luther Strange and to fire F.B.I. Director James Comey, which Kushner denies. (For what it’s worth, Kushner’s choice of Strange prevented Trump from the embarrassment of inadvertently supporting Roy Moore.) Trump, according to three people who’ve spoken to him, has advocated for Jared and Ivanka to return to New York in part because they are being damaged by negative press. “He keeps pressuring them to go,” one source close to Kushner told me. But as bad as the Russia investigation may be, it’s not clear a New York homecoming would be much better for Kushner, given that his family’s debt-ridden office tower at 666 Fifth Avenue could be headed for bankruptcy.’

With access to the power of the presidency limited, and facing mounting business losses, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kushner left the White House. However, considering his own contact with Russian representatives, including the unreported messages with Wikileaks, the question must be asked: If the Russia probe “gets” Trump, will it “get” Kushner, too? Only time will tell.

The Trump family ran the campaign with the expectation of large business profits. And, indeed, to some degree Donald Trump has been successful at turning the power of the presidency into cold, hard cash. After all, it’s not for nothing that he pays himself to golf. He profited directly from the campaign as well:

Yet, it seems the laser focus that came with winning the presidency has had an unintended side effect – plummeting brand value and limited business opportunities, thanks to ethics concerns. Granted, Trump walks all over ethics rules, but negative press still impacts the degree.

Because of his investment in the Fifth Avenue office building, Kushner is uniquely vulnerable. If he can’t come up with a lot of money, he’s going to lose big. According to Bloomberg,

‘It was 2006—the height of the real-estate market boom—when Kushner Cos. agreed to buy 666 Fifth Avenue for $1.8 billion, then a record for a Manhattan building. All of it was borrowed except for $50 million. The company still holds half of a $1.2 billion mortgage, on which it hasn’t paid a cent. The full amount is due in February 2019.’

And they’re scrambling to come up with the cash:

‘It has failed to secure foreign investors, despite an extensive search, and its resources are more limited than generally understood. As a result, the company faces significant challenges.

‘Over the past two years, executives and family members have sought substantial overseas investment from previously undisclosed places: South Korea’s sovereign-wealth fund, France’s richest man, Israeli banks and insurance companies, and exploratory talks with a Saudi developer, according to former and current executives. These were in addition to previously reported attempts to raise money in China and Qatar.’

Considering his own ties to Russian operatives, losing out financially could be the least of Kushner’s problems in the end. He’s had to update disclosure forms so many times it’s difficult to keep track, and that’s not the end of it – he gets caught in new lies practically weekly. Either he has the worst memory ever, or he’s got something to hide.

His newspaper has promoted Russian propaganda for years:

Just recently, another outreach attempt by the Russian government that he failed to remember was disclosed:

He’s failed to hand over documents, as well:


Even before his comments about being worried Mueller is going to “get” Trump were reported, it was obvious Kushner was worried. He’s tied to the situation in so many ways that it’s practically impossible he’s not involved. Here’s more:


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