Moore Campaign Holds Bizarre Press Conference; Announces Widespread Conspiracy


Members of the Roy Moore for Alabama Senate campaign spoke at one of the most bizarre press conferences ever in response to accusations by nine women that he was sexually inappropriate with them as underage girls.

Their defenses ranged from picking apart every detail of the victims’ stories, who they do not believe, by using other Alabama residents’ stories, who they do believe. An ex-boyfriend says he believes one victim is lying. Another was a “discipline problem” at the time she claims to have been abused. Another has a stepson who has called her a liar. Surely all of these details are more believable than nine women who spoke out knowing it would change their lives, in many negative ways, forever.

Moore’s spokespeople seem upset that national news outlets don’t consider the attacks on women who have reported being molested as children by old boyfriends or stepsons to be all that credible.

‘These witnesses have shared their testimony on multiple occasions with multiple news outlets, but these media outlets have refused to tell their stories.’

The free press was just the first favored scapegoat of the day, but the vitriol against the mainstream media seemed particularly strong. Speakers blamed the media for deliberately failing to fact-check the claims, yet Moore has not sued The Washington Post for libel, and insisted that if any voter was swayed by the stories of nine women reporting sexual assault, those evil, scheming “fake news” liberal media elites would win.

Moore supporter Dean Young, who proudly proclaimed that he has “been with [Moore] since the ACLU rolled into Gasden, Alabama and had their tails kicked,” threw in another villain in Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

‘What we’re seeing on a national and worldwide effort is to stop Judge Roy Moore at any cost…the contest is this, and this is where the rubber hits the road: What are Alabamians gonna do? If you can be tricked, Alabamians, with the 30 million dollars from Mitch McConnell, or maybe it’s 40 by now, and The Washington Post‘s fake stories, if you can be tricked in two weeks about Judge Moore, then they win.’

Young then proceeded to spout demonstrably false claims about Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones.

In one of the most bizarre accusations of the day (there were many), a supporter named Stan Cooke seemed to blame the cutthroat, darkly dangerous world of politics in an Alabama county of about 100,000 residents for the attempts to destroy his “good name.”

‘As you know, Etowah County’s a small county. Politics is rough in that county. Political knives are sharp, it’s old-school. Some contests from old days are being relived now. Some people are seeking vengeance for past events that they have concocted or said or dreamed up.”

It’s a very hard trail to follow. Is this an attack against Moore by the “fake news” media, House Majority Leader of the same party Moore is running under, Mitch McConnell, or is this local Alabamians with axes to grind in the blood-thirsty world of Etowa County politics?

For the full, stunningly bad press conference by the Moore campaign on Tuesday, see below:

Featured image via Getty/Drew Angerer