FCC Chairman Busted For ‘Scheme’ To Trick Americans With Fake Social Media Comments


Donald Trump has made plenty of new enemies since taking office last January, but it’s an old nemesis that will perhaps turn out to to be the biggest thorn in the president’s side. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is up to his elbows in investigations surrounding both Trump and his corrupt administration and has even been working with special counsel Robert Mueller to help further the Russia probe.

In his latest attack, however, he takes aim at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and its chairman, Ajit Pai, in their quest to squash net neutrality. Pai met with his fellow FCC members on Tuesday and outlined his proposal to roll back the Obama-era regulations. The group is expected to approve the measure at its December meeting, but Schneiderman doesn’t believe that the chairman has been acting in good faith.


In an open letter to Pai, Schneiderman took him to task for failing to cooperate with the AG’s investigation of widespread identity fraud in the FCC’s public comment system. He claims that a huge number of people were impersonated on the system, which allowed the public to give its feedback on potential changes to rules–including net neutrality. In essence, Schneiderman is saying that someone spoofed the identities of many Americans to make it look like getting rid of net neutrality is more popular than it actually is.

‘As FCC Chairman Pai announced his plan to dismantle the net neutrality regulations that ensure a free and open internet, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released an open letter regarding the massive scheme to corrupt the FCC’s notice and comment process through the misuse of enormous numbers of real New Yorkers’ and other Americans’ identities. That scheme is under investigation by the Attorney General’s office; however, to date, the FCC has refused to provide the office with information that is critical to the investigation.’

Schneiderman went on to outline just how thorough his office has been in trying to secure the FCC’s cooperation. He apparently went through the entire chain of command but has yet to receive any kind of real cooperation from the group.

‘The Attorney General’s office reached out for assistance to multiple top FCC officials, including Chairman Pai, three successive acting FCC General Counsels, and the FCC’s Inspector General, but has received no substantive response to its investigative requests.’

The New York AG has been a major opposition figure to Trump over the past few years, dating back to his investigations into the Trump Foundation’s misuse of charitable contributions. Even though Trump is trying to shut down the charity, Schneiderman keeps denying him because his investigation isn’t over.

Schneiderman is also one of several state AGs who has been at the forefront of keeping the administration’s travel ban at bay.

The president may have left the confines of Trump Tower behind when he moved to D.C., but he hasn’t been able to shed the specter of Eric Schneiderman looking over his shoulder. When Trump goes down, there’s a good chance that the AG will have had a major hand in making it happen.

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images.