Republicans Plan Major Mutiny As GOP Leaders Run Scared, Party Falling Apart In Shambles


When a political party begins sharpening the knives against their own, it’s a sure sign that the party is quickly falling apart. Thanks to Trump, the GOP is already showing signs of division.

Things are looking bad for Senate Leader Republican Mitch McConnell. Steve Bannon, former top adviser and current informal adviser to Donald Trump, has declared war on for Kentucky senator. Then, it got worse.

Pollster for the Democratic Global Strategy Group, Matt Canter, said:

‘There are several states and districts that voted for Trump where the president’s numbers remain about even, but Republicans in Congress are far less popular than Democrats in Congress. Leveraging McConnell and Ryan in these areas could be very effective.’

Republicans have been releasing propaganda about their “tax cuts” aka the biggest give-away to the rich and global businesses in U.S. history. People who earn less than $90,000 will pay more, and the deficit will skyrocket $1.5 trillion.

Bannon blames the Senate leader for failing to pass any substantive legislation. For example, Republicans have not repealed ObamaCare in spite of massive efforts.

Only one Republican has backed McConnell, so far, because the voters find the Kentucky Senator highly unpopular. McConnell’s treatment of women has made him even more unpopular.

Republican Corey Stewart made a failed bid for Virginia’s governor, and now he is running against sitting Democratic Senator Tim Kaine. Steward said, according to POLITICO:

‘The guy’s toxic. There’s no support for him, even among the establishment. He hasn’t been able to pass the president’s agenda.’

A Michigan business owner running for the Senate, Republican Sandy Pensler, spoke to The Detroit News:

‘If he can get health care, immigration, tax reform done, terrific. Otherwise … he shouldn’t be the leader. It’s a results-driven analysis for me. So far he hasn’t gotten it done.’

One of Bannon’s top aides, Andy Surabian, asked POLITICO:

‘Why are Republicans candidates tweeting out selfies with Steve Bannon, while at the same time doing everything they can to publicly distance themselves from McConnell? Because they know that McConnell is an albatross, not only in GOP primaries, but more importantly in general elections.’

McConnell’s former chief of staff, Josh Holmes, noted that McConnell as won six elections. Holmes described the speculation, POLITICO wrote:

‘(A) fun Beltway-journalist story written every single election cycle. For as long as Mitch McConnell has been Republican leader, our candidates have been counseled not to get bogged down in Washington leadership questions. The simple reality is that if a candidate is throwing endorsements around presuming their own election, they’re doing it wrong. I’m not aware of a single senator of either party who was elected for supporting leadership, and I know there hasn’t been a candidate elected by opposing Mitch McConnell.’

POLITICO reported that last month, McConnell told Fox & Friends:

‘I’m not going to be on the ballot in any of these states, and I don’t think that the candidates who are running need to take a position on me.’

Republican Wisconsin state senator, Leah Vukmir, weighed in on McConnell last month on a radio show:

‘Mitch McConnell isn’t getting the job done. He does need to go.’

The next day, she softened her criticism of McConnell on a different radio show:

‘I guess I’m not focused on hypothetical leadership races a year from now. (Y)ou know, if Mitch isn’t getting the job done, he needs to go. But at the same time, look at who he is dealing with. We need to get extra, conservative, reliable, Republican voters in there.’

President of the Senate Leadership Fund, Steven Law, wrote:

‘The Republican Congress has replaced President Obama as the bogeyman for conservative GOP primary voter. This narrative is driven by Trump himself, and it resonates with primary voters who believe the Republican Congress ‘isn’t doing enough’ (as we frequently heard in focus groups) to advance the president’s agenda.’

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