Trump Busted Pushing Race-Baiting Lie About Border Agent Death To Promote ‘The Wall’


The president has long proven himself not all that committed to advancing truth. He shouts about fake news just to discredit people he doesn’t like; it’s not because of some sort of altruistic commitment to truth on his part.

With the president’s incessant lying in mind, it should come as no surprise that a recent claim of his that a U.S. Border Patrol agent had been attacked and killed by a Mexican immigrant doesn’t seem to be true.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent speaks to a farmer while patrolling an area near the Southern border of the United States in Fort Hancock, Texas, U.S., on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017. If the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement encounters trouble, it could impact other areas of cooperation with the U.S. such as security and immigration, according to Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray. Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trump used the death of 36 year-old Agent Rogelio Martinez as yet another excuse to push his racist idea that there needs to be a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico. He came into office promising to put up a wall, although he has faced unsurprising blocks to his plans since taking office.

Last Sunday, Trump tweeted a message reading:

‘Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!’

Two agents were found injured late Saturday in a drainage ditch. The second agent has not been publicly identified, and claims to have no memory of what befell him and his partner last weekend.

The agents went to investigate an activated motion sensor, sensors that are often triggered by animals. One of the agents — the one who has not succumbed to their injuries — radioed in a request for help, saying that both he and Martinez were injured. The two men were then found in a drainage ditch with severe head trauma and multiple broken bones.

Some, including Trump, have suggested that the agents were assaulted, but there remains no real evidence to support that assertion. The agents had no gunshot wounds, and there’s no explanation for how else the agents — who aren’t exactly defenseless — could have been overpowered by attackers hurling stones. At that, not only is there not any indication that the agents were assaulted, but there’s not any indication that if the agents were assaulted, they were attacked by individuals who came over our southern border with Mexico.

There is an immediately apparent good reason for the deceased officer having been found at the bottom of a ditch with serious injuries — he fell.

Numerous local officials involved in the investigation into the incident have indicated that there’s no reason to suspect foul play. For instance, Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo told The Dallas Morning News that Martinez’s injuries are “very consistent with a fall.”

Even still, Trump is, as mentioned, not the only one who has suggested that the incident is a reason to call for Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted a message that, besides containing the usual “thoughts and prayers” trope, asserted that the agents had been attacked.

He wrote:

‘Our prayers are with the families of this Border Patrol Agent who was killed & the other who was injured in this attack in Texas. Our resources must be increased to prevent these attacks in the future.’

Texas Senator Ted Cruz commented similarly, calling the attack “a stark reminder of the ongoing threat that an unsecure border poses to the safety of our communities and those charged with defending them.”

Trump’s border wall has never been a good idea. Illegal border crossings have been going down over time, not going up, and putting up a wall isn’t exactly a feasible method to try and cut down on the number of undocumented immigrants presently here. To put it ridiculously but fittingly simply — people can come here in planes.

Featured Image via AARON FAVILA/AFP/Getty Images