New 2018 Mock-Election Poll Reveals Results So Devastating Trump Is In A Full Panic


It wasn’t just Donald Trump who won during the 2016 elections. As he and every Trump supporter likes to obnoxiously remind anyone who will listen, Republicans won across the country in both federal and state elections for governor as well as national and state Congressional elections in nearly every state outside of notoriously blue states like California.

However, Donald Trump is currently zero for two in election endorsements, indicating that the Trump effect predicted at the beginning of his presidency has been much more than just speculation.

In September, Trump endorsed Luther Strange as the Republican nominee for the Alabama senate primaries, then deleted all of those tweets of support the day after Strange lost to Roy Moore, who is now under fire for reports of pedophilia, but Trump has continued to support him for the election since he beat Trump’s original pick, anyway.

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Trump’s endorsement for Ed Gillespie for governor of Virginia also did not go Trump’s way. Across the board, the elections since Trump became president have been decisively Democratic-leaning.

That trend does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. According to polling by Real Clear Politics, Democrats would overwhelmingly sweep the 2018 elections if they were held today. These are margins similar to the 2010 takeover by Republicans and tea party members in response to Obama’s first presidential win in 2008.

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It isn’t difficult to understand why GOP politicians are suffering these drastically low numbers with Trump in office. Historically, no president in modern history has received such negative approval ratings after just 10 months in office as President Trump, and those numbers have sunk lower and lower since the day he was inaugurated. His insane Twitter tantrums, a failure to to keep campaign promises (repealing the ACA “on day one,” locking Hillary Clinton up in prison for her perceived crimes, making Mexico pay for a border wall), as well as an announcement that Trump considered working with Democrats on DACA have hurt Trump’s popularity with his own supporters.

As for his detractors, the list of concerns are almost endless.

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The one race where a Trump pick seems to be ahead is possibly the most alarming to date. Roy Moore, an alleged pedophile accused by nine separate Alabama women of sexual misconduct and crimes against underage girls, remains in the lead in Alabama polls, although that lead is nowhere near as strong as it once was.


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Despite the very serious accusations against Moore, Trump has justified his support of the Alabama Republican with the same excuse that Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave for Trump amid sexual assault allegations: he says he didn’t do it.

‘He denies it, he denies it. He says it didn’t happen, and you have to listen to him also. And he said, 40 years ago, that this did not happen.’

With increasing opposition to Trump’s new tax plan and a year to go for Trump to continue to outrage American voters, Republicans seem poised to lose their tenuous majority in 2018. 2020 might be an even tougher race for the embattled GOP.

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