POLITICO Makes ‘Bernie 2020’ Announcement No One Saw Coming – Trump Silent


Is Bernie Sanders going to run in 2020? It’s a question that has been on the minds of a lot of voters and the lips of many pundits. For the most part, the Vermont Senator has taken the stance that it is too early to worry about 2020. However, a recent report from POLITICO suggests that Sanders might be shoring up his weaknesses in an preparation for another run at the presidency.  In the 2016 primaries, Sanders had two major weaknesses. The first was the fact that many saw him as inexperienced in the field of foreign policy. The other was his lack of ties to the Democratic Party and its established leaders.

Now, however, POLITICO has reported that Sanders is taking steps to address these weaknesses.

‘Sanders has been working closely with figures who are close to the party establishment he’s long railed against, like American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. And he’s been meeting with international affairs experts such as Bill Perry, a defense secretary in the administration of President Bill Clinton, around a series of speeches designed to define his international vision, one year after running a campaign heavy on domestic policy and light on the rest of the world.’

In terms of foreign policy, Sanders recently gave a speech at Westminster College, where he laid out his vision for what a progressive foreign policy looks like. Stressing the importance of diplomacy and the use of America’s power and influence in the service of the common good, Sanders speech marked a clear distinction between his vision and that offered by President Donald Trump.

In response to the recent earthquake in Iran, the senator urged the U.S. to send aid to the country in order to help those affected by the disaster and to repair the relationship between the two countries.


Sanders has also been building on his newfound popularity by urging progressives to run for office.

While it does look like Sanders is potentially gearing up for a run in 2020, some of his allies disagree. Sanders was recently named the leader of the Senate Democrats’ outreach program, so many of his allies are quick to point out that Sanders is merely fulfilling the role that Chuck Schumer gave him.

Senior Adviser Ari Rabin-Havt told POLITICO:

‘He is now in a very different position than he’s ever been in before. He’s just stepping into the role. Let’s be clear: He’s in charge of outreach for the caucus. So when people say he’s doing a better job of reaching out? Well, yeah, he’s doing his job. This is a new phase of his career.’

For now, the question of whether or not Sanders will run in 2020 remains an open one, but it’s never too early to think about the future.

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